One could make a case that New Jersey may well be the birthplace of nudism in America, with two legacy clubs still in operation today. The Garden State is also home to one of the only official nude beaches in the entire country.

😎 = We’ve BEEN THERE!

Goodland Country Club, Hackettstown, NJ

We haven’t been there… yet, but if you have, please CLICK THROUGH and leave a report on the page we’ve created for them.

Gunnison Beach, Sandy Hook, NJ 😎

One of the most famous nude beaches in the country. In fact, one of the only authorized nude beaches in the country. No question, it’s guaranteed to be the experience of a lifetime.

Skyfarm, Basking Ridge, NJ 😎

Founded by an American nudist pioneer, it remains a vibrant operation to this day, albeit on a membership only basis.

Rock Lodge Club, Hardyston Township, NJ 😎

Another “legacy” club founded by early nudist pioneers. They are also a membership club, but do accept day visitors when there’s not a pandemic going on.


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One thought

  1. Your review misses one of the most important differences between Sky Farm and Rock Lodge — Sky Farm forbids single males even from visiting, let alone joining. I filled in a visit request like the one you did, but I never got a response.

    By contrast, Rock Lodge has no rules against single males, yet the gender balance is about 50:50. I loved the place after my first visit and wound up joining.