The Meandering Naturist’s Guide to North America

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Are you a naturist or a nudist? And what’s the difference?

Well, apparently most Americans who enjoy social nudity prefer the term nudist, though I have yet to find a discernible difference compared to Europeans who call themselves naturists. (The word “nudist” has something of a different connotation when traveling in Europe.) But what is distinctive is the “North American flavor” of nude recreation.

Predominantly, you well find mostly camping and RV parks, packed in along the east and west coasts, with a few spread out across the vast expanse in between. In recent years, we’ve seen more boutique hotels pop-up, along with several B&Bs that cater specifically to those who prefer clothing-optional accommodations. What you won’t find, however, are huge family-oriented naturist establishments like those in France and Croatia. A couple exceptions to that rule might include Cypress Cove in Florida or Bare Oaks Naturist Park in Ontario, but by and large, nude recreation on this side of the Atlantic is largely considered an activity for “grown-ups.”

There are only a handful of “authorized” nude beaches, despite thousands of miles of coastline. I am only including beaches on this list that are well documented elsewhere on the web with up-to-date information suggesting that clothing-optional remains acceptable, if not at least “tolerated.”

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The biggest challenge regarding travel in North America are the sheer distances – about 3000 miles coast to coast, and that again from Texas to Quebec. The railways are a mere shadow of what they were in the golden days, serving mid-America small towns along with rail buffs and a few others who prefer not to fly, but it’s a solid three-day trip across the country. Of greatest consequence, however, is the lack of a coordinated public transportation systems like you will find in Europe or much of Asia, making it all but impossible to get to most naturist destinations without a car. Suffice it to say, naturist places are rarely located on local bus routes.


Make sure you know what you’re looking for! Many places advertise a “family-friendly atmosphere,” even if they prohibit guests under 21 years of age. Many resort owners would rather ban children altogether than worry about the liability of unauthorized photography, or worse! (Such a stark contrast to Europe!) It’s also worth taking the time to do your research, checking out resort websites (many of which are terribly antiquated) and reading Trip Advisor reviews, where you’ll frequently find details about the “Saturday night lingerie party” or similar weekend events. For us personally, that’s not something we equivocate with naturism, which is often a clue that we simply don’t want to be at a particular place on a Saturday night. Additionally, I’ve designated places established before World War II as “Legacy Clubs,” indicating the dates they were founded, as I find it intriguing that many naked places have been in continuous operation for nearly 100 years. Suffice it to say, some are faring better than others.

I’ve left a few places on the list like Paradise Lakes and Caliente in Florida, despite the fact that the major naturist organizations (AANR and TNSF) have stricken them from their rolls. But I think it’s important to write about these places so the unsuspecting would-be naturist simply knows what those places are, and what they are not! That’s all part of the narrative about the evolution of nude recreation in America. It can all be pretty confusing, even to the seasoned, well-traveled naturist.

Finally, I’ve included a few places of historical significance that are no longer in existence, if only to document their role in American naturist story, but have mainly limited those listings to venues that have disappeared just in recent years.


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THIS LIST IS A WORK IN PROGRESS! We’ve denoted places we’ve actually visited (😎) and will gradually work through the list to add our personal travel reports on pages separated by region and state. For those places we have not been, I will create pages as well so readers who have information to share can do so. In time, lists will be reorganized, one state at a time, with links individual pages about each venue. That will take time, but it’s a labor of love!

Know of a place that’s not on the list? Scroll to the bottom of the page and leave a comment in the “reply” box. Or send me an email at “”

Happy Naked Travels!


[E] = East Coast

[M] = Middle America

[W] = West Coast

😎 = We’ve BEEN THERE!

☀️ = State/Province page is ACTIVE with associated links

BOLD LINKS indicate dedicated review pages from The Meandering Naturist

Alabama [M] – 4 naked places

Alberta, CA [M] – 2 naked places

Arizona [M] – 6 naked places

British Columbia [W] – 10 naked places

California [W] – 41 naked places

Colorado [M]

  • Mountain Air Ranch
  • Orient Land Trust/Valley View Hot Springs
  • Orvis Hot Springs

Connecticut [E]

  • Solair 😎
  • Sun Ridge

Florida [E]

Georgia [E]

Hawaii [W]

  • Hangin’ Loose Resort 😎
  • Banana Patch (???):
  • Kehena Beach 😎
  • Little Beach, Maui 😎
  • Larsens Beach, Kauai
  • Pa’ia Secret Beach, Maui
  • Po’olenalena Beach, Maui (Depends on who gets there first)

Idaho [M]

  • Bare Mountain Retreat
  • Sun Meadow Resort

Illinois [M]

  • Blue Lake Resort

Indiana [M]

Iowa [M]… No Naked Places 😢

Kansas [M]

Kentucky [M]… No Naked Places 😢

Louisiana [M]… 2 Naked Places

Manitoba, CA  [M]

Massachusetts  [E]

Maryland [E]

Michigan [M]

Minnesota [M]

Missouri [M]

Montana [M]

North Carolina [E]

North Dakota [M]… No Naked Places 😢

Nebraska [M]… No Naked Places 😢

New Hampshire [E]

New Jersey [E] ☀️ Click here for dedicated page!

New Mexico [M]

Missouri [M]

  • Chateau nu de vin
  • Forty Acres Club

Mississippi [M]… No Naked Places 😢

New York [E]

Ohio [M]

Oklahoma [M]

Ontario [M]

Oregon [W]

Pennsylvania [M]

  • PSHS – Penn Sylvan 😎 (c. 1934)
  • The Woods
  • Sunny Rest 😎 (1945)
  • White Thorn Lodge
  • Beechwood Lodge (???)

Quebec [E]

Rhode Island [E]

  • Dyer Woods (???)

South Carolina [E]

South Dakota [M]… No Naked Places 😢

Saskatchewan [M]

Tennessee [M]

  • Rock Haven Lodge

Texas [M]

Utah [M]… No Naked Places 😢

Virginia [E]

Vermont [M]

Washington [W]

Wisconsin [M]

West Virginia [M]

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  1. Colorado resident here.
    1. Valley View Hot Springs is probably my favorite place on Earth!
    2. The proper name for one of the oldest resorts in our nation is Mountain Air Ranch.
    3. There are two small places in the Arkansas River valley between Pueblo and Cañon City: Dakota Hot Springs, also known as The Well, which I’ve visited; and Desert Reef, which I haven’t. Dakota Hot Springs (last I knew) is clothing-optional most days except Tuesdays. The facilities are rustic but the water is artesian and the people are great. Desert Reef is also clothing-optional a majority of the time.