When I first started this blog, I thought maybe it might evolve into a book. I had imagined myriad potential titles, like Nothing in My Duffel Bag – A Naturist’s Travelogue, or maybe something a little more elusive, like Naked With Goats in a Distant Land, which did find its way to the header of a blog post.

Still not sure if the book will ever happen. I like books. They read in a linear fashion, as opposed to the way we tend to engage with stories and information we find on the web. For me, this blog exists as part of a linear narrative that represents not only our naturist journey, but an ever-evolving stream of consciousness as well. To that end, the best part about writing a blog is the gateway that provides to meeting interesting people along the way. Some simply “stop in” to provide insider knowledge on a nude beach or a clothing-optional spa, while others may pause long enough to comment and banter about our varied experiences, and the resultant takeaway from it all. If there’s anything I’ve learned about naturist travel, it simply that it’s not a one size fits all sort of endeavor, which turns out to be sort of a silly metaphor for people who don’t wear clothes!

In the pages behind this post, I have taken on the daunting task of bringing some level of uniformity to our travelogue so that readers might more easily find information about a place they might be interested in visiting themselves. In reworking some of my previous posts, I’m hoping the format will be more conducive to a reader who simply wants to know, “Will I have a good time if I make the effort visit this place and take my clothes off?”

But many of my posts are not really trip reports at all, but more aptly, travel essays and philosophical musings. With that in mind, I though it might be worthwhile to highlight a few of my favorite blog posts in this genre – that is, those pertaining to naturist travel – in one place, here at the launchpad of our collective travel chronicles. If nothing else, I hope these essays will provide the reader with a bit of insight into our passion for social nudity and nude recreation, if only in an effort to lend perspective to our decidedly opinionated reviews in the pages that follow.

So here we go. Maybe this is the book! At very least, I’m happy to offer up a few of my personal favorites, appearing in reverse chronological order:


Naked People Watching at the German Spa

As the pandemic eases, the spas of northern Europe are starting to open up again. We love spending a long, lazy day at the “therme,” to get over jet-lag and enjoy a relaxed day of soaking, sweating, and snoozing. It’s also a great place for people watching.

The Case of the Disappearing Nudist Children

When I look at American nudist publications from the 50s and 60s, you can see that it was clearly a family activity. Visit a naked place in the US today, and there’s hardly a child to be found. What’s more, many place have simply restricted children, altogether. Can we turn this around?

Add THIS to Your Bucket List: Naked in a Rainstorm

We supplied to the photos, but our friend Addie wrote the narrative of her brief, but most amazing trip to Paya Bay on Roatan. She’s right! You should put it on your bucket list. 😍

So Many Naked Germans. A Rookie’s Guide to the German Sauna Experience

It took us a few times to figure out the European spa culture. Now, we won’t miss an opportunity to imbibe, even if it means a weekend junket to Berlin or Amsterdam! About as good as life gets.

The Perils of Naturist Photography

You go on nakation, and of course, you want to make a photo documentary of your travels. Simple, except for the fact that you’re… NAKED!

The only people naked at lunch

I’ve written time and again about the little French island – Ile du Levant – one of our favorite places on the planet. It seems Americans have a slim chance of getting into France this year, so I’m living vicariously through an update of this post from a previous visit.

Barricaded in my Naturist Cyber-Fortress

While this post is not specifically about naturist travel, it grapples with how naturists are perceived by others, while giving a nod to how the naturist community can become isolated amongst themselves. It’s complicated but worth thinking about, especially if you’re just now trying to figure out the social nudity landscape.

The Naked Truth About Naturist Brazil

We weren’t sure what to expect when we went looking for naked places in Brazil, admidst the lush green hillsides and giant iguanas. Whatever it was we were seeking, however, it wasn’t exactly what we found. It’s good for storytelling though.

Rebels with a Cause: Our Naturist Story

“Who ARE these Meandering Naturists, and why would I want to take THEIR advice about naturist travel?” Well… maybe you won’t, but here’s our story all the same. For us, naturism has not only enriched our travel agenda, but has also served as a defining characteristic of our relationship as a couple and a family.

Naked with Goats in a Distant Land

You can’t meander much farther than the Greek island of Gavdos. I wrote this while staying there a few summers ago, musing about whether I have. naturist book in me waiting to spill out. Maybe someday!

Naked Extremes in Mexico – and figuring out what that means!

There aren’t a lot of nakation options in Mexico, but you do have some interesting choices if you decide to make that your next naked place destination. But how do you figure out where to go, and what you’ll find once you get there?

The Labyrinth of Social Nudity in Japan

It might be difficult to find a nude beach in Asia, but if you’re in Japan, there are plenty of opportunities to get naked! Nearly every city or town has at least one onsen, where family oriented nude bathing is a time honored tradition. It’s most definitely a bucket list item!

Nakation for (Younger) Dummies

I thought this would be a quick repost, but as it turns out, I had to do a major overhaul on this post from 2017, adding a few new resources of where to find real information if you’re naturist curious. Hope it wins a few new converts.

Naked at the Far Corners of the Earth

We love naturism. We’re addicted to world travel. Put those together and you’ll find yourself in some pretty interesting corners of the planet where you’ll not only have the chance to go naked, but experience people and places in ways that most “tourists” could only imagine. Here are a few of our favs.

My Parents Took Me to a Naked Place

Another of our all-time, most popular posts, recounting our experiences of naturist travel with young children, and how we navigated that with family and friends – theirs and ours! And if you have a blended family, it can really get tricky.

Naked Rules!

People love to talk about how visiting a naturist place is such a great way to relax and relieve stress, but not so much if you don’t know the rules! And we keep finding that everyplace we go, we encounter a new and unique set of rules. So much for total freedom!

The Demographics of Nakedness

This remains one of my most read posts, with over 25,000 views, challenging the myth that nudity levels the playing field and simply sharing a nude experience means you have a unique bond that transcends the various elements that separate and divide us when clothed. I don’t buy it, and I’ll tell ya why…

Will Americans ever “get out” of the Nudist Colony?

UPDATED: March 2021. As we’ve traveled six continents in search of the next dose of Naturist Nirvana, I find myself taken aback, time and again, by the way American naked places seem to be holding on so dearly to the nudist ideals of the 1950s and 60s. A few places are stepping out and looking forward, but most are not. Here’s one of my laments on this topic, along with a few links to folks who are opening the doors to the outside world!

Actually… things are getting better for naked people

UPDATED: March 2021. We all like to grouse about the fact that naturism is dying off with the last of the Boomers, but as it happens, if you’re a bit adventurous, there are more opportunities than ever for people to find a Nakation destination. Here’s a little history about the naturism industry, and how marketing to the right crowd really makes a difference.

A Naked Walk in the Woods

UPDATED: March 2021.There are few experiences in life than taking to the wilderness with the maximum potential for absorbing Vitamin D, while at the same time, feeling fully absorbed by nature. One of my first posts to extol the virtues of naked hiking.

Sorry if you’re offended by my elbow…

UPDATED: March 2021.Lounging by the pool at a rented house in Montenegro, the neighbors showed up bearing gifts of local grapes and figs. We were buck naked – and seemingly, they didn’t really care. Wouldn’t life be better if we could all acknowledge that an elbow is an elbow, a knee is a knee, and a naked butt is… only a butt!

A Half-Million Naked Germans Can’t be Wrong

UPDATED: March 2021. I am forever grateful to a guy from Austria who tipped us off to the joy and euphoria of the amazing spa complexes in northern Europe, especially those in Germany and the Netherlands. While not naturist, per se, these amazing complexes for self-indulgence can’t help but promote the cause for normalizing nudity. Nothing says happiness like weissbier at a naked swim-up bar!

Nude at 100 Paces

UPDATED: March 2021. We were walking along the expansive beach at Vera Playa, Spain, when we realized we had wandered out of the “nude zone.” It was a quiet day with not many people on the beach, so we started playing the Is that person naked, or wearing a beige bikini. Turns out, more often than not, it’s amazingly difficult to tell.