We’ve written a lot of stuff over the years aoubt our thoughts about nude recreation, the differences between nudism and naturism, (Is there one?) and our general reflections on why people choose to participate in social nudity in the first place. I’ve decided to use this page to make a directory of those “opinion pieces” I’ve written over the past eight years, – revised and updated before reposting, while adding new reflections as we continue to travel to world in that ever elusive search for naturist Nirvana.

You may wish to bookmark this page as the list revisions of older posts, alongside contributions of new material, populate the list below, appearing in reverse chronological order. I’m hoping I’ll be able to contribute at least one new piece each week, whether that be new content, or a reworking of something that was posted years ago, but simply needed a makeover before reposting.

Please note that there is a corresponding page that contains a similar list of essays specifically about our naturist travels. I had hoped at one point that might take shape in the form of a printed book, and perhaps one day it will, but for now, it’s simply a collection of posts drawn from our travelogue that are not intended to serve as reviews of any particular beach or resort, but to speak more to the quirky elements that define the naturist travel experience. You can find those here.

We hope you find our thoughts and musings to be a helpful resource at least, and thought provoking at best. Enjoy!

— Dan & Charlotte

A FEW NAKED THOUGHTS…Essays about Social Nudity

Everyone I know has a “big but(t)”

One of our very first posts when we started this blog, inspired by a quote from the infamous, Pee Wee Herman. The film was campy, but Pee Wee spoke the truth. And we could all take a page from his book of unconventional wisdom.