Welcome to our blog about naturist travel – a series of trip reports, links to naturist resources, and a few random opinion pieces that reflect my meandering musings on clothing-optional recreation.

This effort represents my third project on the web related to social nudity and naturist travel.  Admittedly, I’m quite diligent about keeping my naturist life and professional life on separate threads, in this age where nudity is often equivocated with socially deviant behavior in some professional circles.  My wife and I are pretty average, run-of-the-mill, (need I mention monogamous!), hard working professionals, but when we go on vacation, if given the choice, we’ll travel as lightly as possible. Simple as that!

I should mention we’ve been into naturism for about 30 years and raised our children with a comfort level for recreational nudity. (Two of the three are still very comfortable with social nudity in our presence – we think that’s a huge accomplishment!) But we found the key to making social nudity comfortable for them had much to do with international travel. Not only the distance from home, but the normalcy of it all places  like France and Croatia. People tell me that exists in the US, but I have yet to experience it in a meaningful way back home. (You can read the whole story about our naturist journey here.)

Originally, this particular project found its genesis with an extraordinary opportunity to live in Europe for a year.  This afforded us the luxury to embark on a naturist trek beginning in Spain, and ending up three months later in Greece.  As the project has matured, we have visited naturist places in South Africa, Asia, Honduras, Australia, and Brazil. Almost without fail, we find that our search for a great naturist place pulls us off the beaten-down tourist path, and deeper into the local culture where everything seems a bit more real.  Or dare I say, genuinely naked!

In the end, I’m hoping my blog might morph itself into a cyber-book or some such thing  (think: Kindle) carrying a title like No Clothes in My Duffel Bag: A Naturist Travelogue.  Or possibly a spin off a recent blog post, Naked with Goats in a Distant Land. Should it be a travel guide? A nude philosophy book? Does anyone really give a flip about what I think about naked humans?

In any event, maybe the book will happen one day, maybe it won’t, but in the meantime, I love reliving our naturist experiences through photography and wordplay.  Hoping it might inspire a few others to do the same!

Nearly everything on this blog was authored by me, based on my personal thoughts and experiences. You may also wish to visit my other blog, The Discerning Nudist, where I repost pieces by other authors that discuss naturism and social nudity in an intelligent voice.

Finally, I hope you will follow us on social media. Always looking for another avenue to make a case for #normalizing naturism…

[Updated: 2 May 2020]

What People Say

It’s so good to see that a long time of conscious, excellent advocacy for nude recreation and travel, sober (but not humorless!)… is paying off.


Enjoy your blog…great commentary each and every time.


The This was an exceptional read… Thank you for a great and truthful post on the issues.


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