Monthly Musings on Nakedness

February 7, 2023 Edition

ABOUT THIS BLOG: After ten years of writing on WordPress, I moved most of my blogging efforts over to MEDIUM. This a platform available to writers on myriad topics, which has helped me build alliances with other people who have wide and varied perspectives on social nudity. While MEDIUM requires a monthly subscription, I’ve decided to provide “free links” to relevant stories to the followers of this blog, if simply in gratitude to those who’ve supported my efforts for so long. Should you click through and enjoy what you find there, you can SUBSCRIBE TO MEDIUM [click here] to have unlimited access – not only to all my musings, but also to those by every other author as well. [Many of whom write about Social Nudity] It’s only $5 a month, and if you subscribe through this link, part of that comes back to me to support my writing. In the meantime – enjoy this month’s free highlights.

Monthly Musings from the Meandering Naturists

January was a great month for us. We made it back to Thailand for the first time since the pandemic to visit Oriental Beach Village – a gorgeous resort about two hours north of Phuket. And… we also managed a long weekend with friends at New Cambium, a naturist village in the Dominican Republic. Still catching up on documenting all those travels, but I’ll get there eventually.

While I do most of my writing on MEDIUM these days, I’ve been using my WordPress blog to provide “free read links” to people who click through to my MEDIUM stories via this page. I hope you find some interesting reads, and in the end, choose to follow me there as well.


This has turned out to be one of my most popular reads, and it plays out pretty much like the title would suggest. Most people simply don’t understand that basic tenets of naturism, so I decided to spell it out. Did I miss anything? Add it to the comments below.

There was a challenge prompt on MEDIUM to write about a particularly memorable road trip. I chose to write about some of the experiences we encountered when driving from New Jersey to California, staying at nudist places all along the way. I could write several chapters of this post, but this will have to suffice for now.

World famous naturists Nick and Lins found their first love for naturism at a European Spa. It made such a huge impression on them that they threw their clothes in the closet and haven’t looked back since. We agree with our Belgian friends that there’s hardly a better way to give social nudity at test drive.

If you’re social nudity curious, you want to make sure you get it right the first time out. Having visited over sixty naked places in the United States alone, we thought we’d throw out a list of recommendations for those who might want to give it a try.

Sometimes the banter about nudists is so absurd that I simply can’t resist jumping into the fray with a bit of satire about it all. Might I remind you in the very next sentence that THIS. IS. SATIRE. But then again, I know there are people out there that would take it as the gospel truth.

And finally, I’ve been using MEDIUM as a platform to write about non-naturist travel as well. In this case, about a train ride from London to Brussels. Train is most certainly my desired mode of transportation. I hope this makes a compelling case as to why.

I’m still experimenting with this format of integrating my writing between WordPress and Medium. PLEASE… if you enjoy the free links and you find this to be a useful resource, like and/or comment on this post so I know if it’s worth keeping up both platforms.

In the end, I simply want to be a strong advocate for family-oriented naturism. Every time a new reader thinks about giving social nudity a try, I feel like we’ve made at least a little progress.

Thanks for reading!

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