Monthly Musings on Nakedness

January 15, 2023 Edition

ABOUT THIS BLOG: After ten years of writing on WordPress, I moved most of my blogging efforts over to MEDIUM. This a platform available to writers on myriad topics, which has helped me build alliances with other people who have wide and varied perspectives on social nudity. While MEDIUM requires a monthly subscription, I’ve decided to provide “free links” to relevant stories to the followers of this blog, if simply in gratitude to those who’ve supported my efforts for so long. Should you click through and enjoy what you find there, you can SUBSCRIBE TO MEDIUM [click here] to have unlimited access – not only to all my musings, but also to those by every other author as well. [Many of whom write about Social Nudity] It’s only $5 a month, and if you subscribe through this link, part of that comes back to me to support my writing. In the meantime – enjoy this month’s free highlights.

Greetings from the Meandering Naturists!

December 2022 marked the 10th year for this blog, despite a few bumps along the way where I had to go inactive now and again. After I started writing on MEDIUM last summer, I had hoped to maintain this platform as well as I’ve invested so much into it over the years, but alas, there are only so many hours in the day.

In the meantime, I receive a lot of comments through various channels that people would like to read our thoughts about nakedness and naturist travel, but they simply aren’t keen on another subscription to another platform. I get that.

Happily, I’ve finally found a way to integrate both platforms, allowing me to provide “free read links” to people who click through to my MEDIUM articles via this page. I hope to publish highlights about once a month with a sampling of the most successful pieces from that platform of the previous month, along with brief annotations.


This first essay is from a series of articles I’ve been writing for a MEDIUM publication called Globetrotters. Many authors have been working their way through the alphabet writing about favorite places they’ve visited. I decided to get in on the fun, creating a naturist edition. This was the B Installment, for Byron Bay in Australia.

This next piece is a little tricky as there are a lot of links that refer to things other people on MEDIUM have written about social nudity. [You can view up to three of those per month before MEDIUM makes you subscribe.] But what I loved about writing this story was noting that so many other people are actively talking about social nudity. And not only that, there are people besides me who are grieving about having to wear pants to work again.

If you’re a naturist living in the northern hemisphere you’re bound to get cabin fever sooner or later. We’ve come up with a few ways to combat the wintertime blues – including a winter picnic in front of the fireplace. Here are 10 ways to see if naked living is a good choice for you, even when it’s cold outside.

While not about naturism per se, I’d like to think that naturists are more self-aware, whether naked or clothed. There’s no question that men have abused their inherent power and positionality over the centuries. But at the end of the day, no matter what, I still have to own up to the fact that… I have penis.

When I first started blogging back in 2004, my hope then – as it is now – was to lend a voice of reason and sensibility to the naturist cause. Interestingly, as I’ve interacted with people on MEDIUM, a few have commented that they didn’t even realize there was a stigma associated with naturism.

Did I just make that up? Or is the campaign to normalize nudity a real thing?

MEDIUM is organized into what are called publications. Sort of like digital magazines where your writing is grouped with that of other authors who write on similar topics. When a naturist friend started a publication that speaks to the psychology of naturism as part of the human experience, I couldn’t help but accept the invitation to write for him.

This is my introduction to that forum.

I hope you enjoyed these musings about naturism and the human condition.

If so, please take a moment to comment so I know this is a venture that’s worthwhile going forward. And if you really like it, don’t forget to subscribe on MEDIUM as well.

And tell a friend. 🙂

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