Latest News from the Meandering Naturist: October 2022

It was a busy summer for us Meandering Naturists. With most travel restrictions lifted along with an easing of COVID testing requirements, we took to the skies again. We returned to some of our favorite nakation haunts, like Therme Erding near Munich, Koversada, and Valalta in Croatia, and a week at the lovely Skinny Dippers Retreat on Mallorca. And oh… I dare not leave out our annual pilgrimage to Heliotel on Ile du Levant.

All that said, We picked up a few new places as well. We’ve made several day visits to La Chiappa on Corisca over the years, but we’d never rented a chalet there before, and we were really glad we did. It was pretty warm and a little dusty, but the beach and the seaside bistro there are stunning, as is the proximity to the mountains for a nice walk in the woods. I may or may not have done most of that hike naked. 🙂

We also made our way to Ibiza and Formentera during our stay on Mallorca. Both islands are legendary for their naturist beaches, but unfortunately, we were there in early August when the place was swarming with Italians suffering from serious swimsuit addictions. Ibiza was pretty much a total loss for naturism, though we had better luck on Formentera. I suspect that entire endeavor would have been more satisfying in June or September. And I should also give a shout-out to this lovely little AirBNB we found run by naturist family. We’d go back to Formentera just to spend a few days there.

Finally, I had a professional engagement that took me to Riga, Latvia where we found the nearby naturist beach on a lovely late summer day. We were pleased to find a nice cross-section of naked people there, though I don’t know that I would deem it a nakation destination. We had designs on visiting another naturist beach a few hours south in Lithuania, but by the time we got there, the weather had turned and we cashed it out for the next time.

Funny how sensibilities about nudity change from one country to the next. The Baltics live someplace between the laissez-faire attitudes of France and the “only in designated spaces” policies common in Italy or Great Britain. I’m eager to return and dig a little deeper on that.

Our most fervent readers are likely aware that I’ve taken to publishing on MEDIUM, a platform intended for novice-to-professional writers seeking to get their work in front of the eyes of a wider audience. My intrigue with publishing there is that most readers on that platform scarcely know what naturism is, let alone how one might plan their first nakation experience. I suspect most people who follow me here on WordPress have already “come out” as naturists so in that sense, my writing here is essentially preaching to the choir.

Going forward, I will continue to publish here for experienced naturists seeking the new or unusual nakation destination, while my writing on MEDIUM will target the unsuspecting, would-be, skinny dipper while hoping to demystify it all a bit along the way.

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To that end, in case you haven’t clicked through from a previous post, I thought I might highlight a few of my recent MEDIUM posts that have garnered a good bit of attention on that platform. Such as…

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I thought about calling this essay The Naked Truth About America. Simply put, there’s no better way to get a sense of the expanse and multiplicity of one’s homeland than to drive it from one end to the other.

The 5 Things I Wish People Understood About Nudists

It seems we might all live a better daily existence if we focused on who people are before jumping to conclusions on the basis of what people do — even if they choose to do those things while not wearing clothes.

I should mention that MEDIUM does throw up a paywall after the first few reads, though it’s only $5 a month, and 40% of that goes directly to me if you sign up through my referral link. That’s in addition to earning a few cents every time someone lingers long enough to read one of my stories, which all adds up by the end of the month. And it’s not just my stories you gain access to, but those by every author on MEDIUM. I thought that was a nice compromise compared to a Patreon account or YouTube subscription. At least, I think it will help me cover the expenses of being a blogger – which are not insignificant if you do it right.

What’s more, MEDIUM gives you the ability to create lists of curated articles by other authors, such as this one on my page called “Musings on Social Nudity by other authors.” I will continue to add to that collection as I come across other pieces on MEDIUM while making an effort to annotate those articles as time permits. There are 49 “stories” on that list to date, ranging from a great piece by a female author called “My Parents are Nudists” to a really intriguing read by a male author called “The Naked Girl Across the Street.” And just yesterday, I found this great post by a young woman who is comfortable hanging out with naturists, but not quite ready to go there herself. Great read!

I only post pieces that I feel are body-positive and of a non-sexual nature. I, for one, had no idea there was so much thoughtful writing out there on the topic of social nudity, and I’m really delighted to have stumbled into this resource. Way better than one more article about erections or pubic hair.

Finally, while I may not be able to keep up on a weekly basis, I hope to bring back Meandering Mondays (reviews of naked places in the US) and Wandering Wednesdays (same from international destinations.) Even if I can add one or two to those lists each month, I think I’m ready to take another swing at building out that resource.

Two more shameless plugs: If you want to support thoughtful writing about naturism and social nudity, I’m always delighted to receive even a modest donation. And again, if you subscribe to MEDIUM through my personal link, I’ll receive $2 a month even before you read a single article there. I write for the joy of writing, as inspired by my passion for naturism, but if you think a little financial incentive doesn’t go a long way, you’re crazy.

Coming up soon? My next post will talk about naturist places that have disappeared since the pandemic began, like Abbott’s Glen in Vermont, Vassaliki in Greece, and Sun Meadows in Idaho. We also lost a couple of naked places in Thailand as well. Meanwhile, the list of naked spas in Europe continues to grow, and I’m reading more and more about naked yoga. And if MEDIUM is any indication, there are a lot more people out there open to social nudity than you might think. We just have to make it accessible and welcoming.

Easier said than done.

Thanks for following. Please check out the MEDIUM thing. If there’s an article you’re dying to read and you simply can’t stand the thought of another subscription, contact me here and I’ll send you a freebie link for that particular piece. I’d rather people read my stuff than simply surf on to someplace else.

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