My presence as a WordPress blogger has been a bit touch and go for the past year, for lots of reasons.

Things started to slip when I lost both my Twitter and Instagram accounts within a couple months of each other, both as a result of supposed infractions of their arcane policies regarding nudity. With the inability to promote new posts that certainly decreased the incentive to keep writing. I say that with all due respect to those who follow my blog directly or by email. I’m all about preaching to the choir, but the mission from the start was to familiarize the unsuspecting about the more virtuous qualities of social nudity and family naturism.

Then things came undone in the workplace. I’ve spent enough time ranting about that already. (You can read the story here, and the final outcome of it all here.) Turns out that whole mess may have been a catalyst for a renewed energy to pick up the torch and keep running, but I simply needed to find a new path.

On the beach near Riga, Latvia. © Daniel Carlson

I wrote a few weeks ago on this page about my branching out on to MEDIUM, a platform intended to encourage and incentivize writers to keep writing. I’ve found loads of great readers there who would have never stumbled into this blog, and have discovered a lot of writers who address various issues related to social nudity and body acceptance, but on a mainstream platform. And… I’ve started curating a “best of” list from authors other than myself who have published some very thoughtful stuff. I find that encouraging all around, as I was pleasantly surprised that the acceptance of nudity is taking place outside of the narrow corridors of the naturist community.

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Starting next month, I plan to post a monthly digest of stuff I’ve published related to social nudity on the MEDIUM platform, but also point readers toward my ever-growing list of what others are writing about the topic, while featuring a few articles that I think to be especially well written or thought provoking.

And for you skeptics who are reticent to subscribe to yet another paywall protected site, I should delineate that MEDIUM is quite different than most. 1) If you subscribe to gain access to things I, the Meandering Naturist, have published on MEDIUM, you not only gain access to my contributions, but to every other article on MEDIUM as well, and there must be millions by now on every topic imaginable. Some more profound than others to be sure, but that’s true with blogging, regardless. 2) Especially if you sign-up for your $5 subscription through the referral on a specific writer’s page – take me for instance – I receive nearly half of your membership fee on a monthly basis, which quite frankly, incentivizes me to keep writing more stuff. And that’s in addition to a few cents every time someone clicks through to read stuff I’ve already posted in that platform. (Sorry to be redundant for those who read my last post here, but that’s a pretty good scheme if you ask me.)

Back to our sweet spot on Ile du Levant. © Daniel Carlson

All this to say that I have found it invigorating to not only write about naturism, but some of our other travel experiences that, while clothed, were extraordinary as well. And my audience there is a growing daily, which is not only affirming to me, but encouraging for the advocacy of naturism.

Does this all mean I’m done with writing here on my own personal blog? No – I don’t think so. I have some great stories to tell about our most recent visits to the mega-spa near Munich and the beautiful resorts in northern Croatia. And we had a fabulous stay at La Chiappa on Corsica, in addition to reuniting with friends at Skinny Dippers on Mallorca. Oh… and that amazing brunch celebration at Heliotel on Ile du Levant, complete with a live naturist band!

We even charted new territory this summer, seeking out new (to us) naturist beaches on Formentera off the coast of Spain (where we found a sweet AirBNB run by a naturist family) and near Riga, Latvia – places I suspect most of my readers didn’t even know existed. Again, really good fodder for the confirmed naturist, but probably not the place to start for those who are simply nudity curious.

Fear not, I’ll find a way to keep this original blog alive. But please do consider following me on MEDIUM as well. Over time, I think the two platforms will dovetail nicely as I reaffirm my commitment to help people understand that there are loads of normal, thoughtful humans who simply find a better quality of life while not wearing clothes.

I think that’s all I wanted to say in the first place.