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Finca Soñada Naturist Resort near Alicante, Spain

Rating: 5 out of 5.

BEST FOR: Foodie-Wine Naturist, Yoga-Wellness Guru, Casual Skinny Dipper, Newbie Nudist

Our decision to visit Finca Soñada – “Guesthouse of Dreams” – was somewhat spur of the moment, at the encouragement of Nick and Lins who assured us, “You’re gonna love this place!” (They know us pretty well.) We were growing a bit hesitant as we left the A-7 motorway for a labyrinth of increasingly narrow roads, wondering if we had lost our way in the Spanish farmland. Then suddenly, there we were, at their gate where co-host Valerie was there to greet us and let us in. Beyond those gates, there lies a huge swimming pool, sprawling terraced gardens, and a beautiful house that would become our home for the next few days. With a shared love of nature, hiking, and good wine, we had much to chat about with Valerie and Luc, a Belgian couple who simply decided that life was too short for long work weeks in a city apartment where the blue skies were often hidden behind gray misty clouds. Much to our liking, the weather in this mountainous region above Alicante was perfect – viable for early morning walks as well as lazy afternoons near and around the pool. But best of all is the balance the hosts have found between making you feel like guests in their home, while giving you as much privacy as you wish – should you simply want to be quiet and alone, curled up with a good book on one of several verandas on the grounds. Sometimes you immediately know you have a new favorite place. This is one of those places.

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE? I suppose you could find local transportation to nearby Gaianes and a taxi out to Finca Soñada, but you would most definitely want a car to explore the region with its innumerable quaint villages and hiking trails. (It’s clearly a popular destination for cyclists as well.) For those into freehiking, such as myself, Luc is working on developing a list of viable clothing-optional treks in the region all within a 30-40 minute drive of the resort. We tried one out and we give it a huge thumbs up. But the redux: You’ll get much more out of your time there if you have a car.

WHAT’S THE FAMILY VIBE? This is another one of those places with the perfect “family environment,” though they’ve chosen to cater to adults only, simply to preserve the serene nature of the place. As compared to some of the other naked places we’ve visited in Spain, my sense is they will draw a younger crowd, partly due to the many opportunities for outdoor recreation right at their doorstep, but in part to their youthful demeanor as well. They are active hikers and mountain-bikers themselves and as mentioned above, can help their guests find all the best places for outdoor exploration. And oh! Did I mention the possibilities for wine-tasting?

HOW ARE THE ACCOMMODATIONS? You have choices. The most economical option is a smallish room with a detached (but private) bath downstairs. The upstairs rooms are larger, and share a fabulous terrace that’s especially pleasant at sunset. The detached, two-bedroom unit sits behind the main house which would lend itself well to a family traveling with adult children. I was particularly appreciative of the excellent wi-fi, a simple luxury that is often lacking at naturist places. Dinner and lunch is available most days if you let Valerie know your plans a bit in advance. She even went the extra miles to find gluten free bread!

ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? While summer is the most obvious time for a naturist holiday, Finca Soñada features a few additional creature comforts like a sauna and a hot tub as well, located on a lower terrace where catching the midday sun even in the mid-winter months is most viable. (Ask them about their Winter Wellness Packages, so you can enjoy nakation all year round.) We’re told sunny days are pleasant and warm in that protected corner of the estate.

It’s also worth noting that Luc is full of energy and imagination, which lends even more credence to that name “house of dreams!” He has several “projects in process” around the property, including the development of self-sustaining gardens, an excellent petanque court, and several other quiet corners of the resort where people can find their favorite spot to chillax. That’s why I’m pretty sure this place is going to climb the charts quickly amongst Spanish naturist destinations. It certainly rides high on ours! 🙂

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