Oaklake Trails Naturist Park, Depew, Oklahoma

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Having now visited several dozen naked places in the United States, I would have to say that Oaklake Trails Naturist Park pretty much represents the quintessential American nudist experience, if one dare make such a generalization in the first place. Compared to the east and west edges of the country, there really aren’t that many options for social nudity in the middle of the continent, and Oaklake Trails is certainly one of the best. The expansive grounds, the circuit of walking trails, and the beautiful pool complex – now, featuring a covered pool for year-round use – provide more space and amenities than most nudist parks can afford. This is big sky country, after all, and you very much get that feeling at Oaklake Trails. While they have lots of space for tents and RVs, there’s a significant full-time community that lives up the hill in various customized homes that keeps the year-round retirement community alive and hopping.

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE? Located about halfway between Tulsa and Oklahoma City you’re going to need a car to find your way to Oaklake Trails. There are a few small towns nearby, one with a Hampton Inn and another with a Walmart, so there are amenities in the immediate region, but I can’t imagine how you’d find your way to the resort by Uber or public transportation.

WHAT’S THE FAMILY VIBE? We were there on a holiday weekend, as were several young families with kids in tow, which always brings a nice energy to the place. The playground equipment was in reasonable condition, but children mainly hung out by the pool, often times skirting around the perpetual water-volleyball game. We’ve certainly visited a fair number of naked places that advertise themselves as family oriented, yet still have an adult vibe going on even during the day. This was not the case at Oaklake Trails. It simply felt like a family campground or resort where nobody wore clothes. And for that matter, while I don’t recall seeing it in writing, the resort was nearly 100% nudity compliant, even for the kids. This is really much more of a nudist place than a clothing-optional place. (See the comment below from and Oaklake regular that points out that the policy is clothing-optional, except for at the pool! But again, we think this place is more naked than many, which we think is a plus.)

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HOW ARE THE ACCOMMODATIONS? I wrote a bit about this in our previous post, but if you’re looking for self-catering accommodations, they have several newly constructed cabins available for rent. They are basic, but viable for a comfortable stay, though ours clearly had a smoker as a previous tenant, and we thought the absence of a bathroom door was a bit quirky. Apparently, a lot of regulars stay in the aforementioned Hampton Inn about fifteen minutes away. That seems like a good choice!

ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? As we were there in the weeks immediately proceeding the Presidential election, and at the height of the COVID pandemic, it was pretty evident that this part of the country leans pretty heavily in one direction on all things political. That said, people in the midwest are known for their friendliness, and we found this to be especially evident in this nudist mecca. People at American nudist places are notoriously more friendly than those at their textile counterparts, and we were most certainly welcomed as outsiders passing through on a road trip.

They have a restaurant on the grounds, though I think it’s only open on weekends and holidays. But the communal kitchen and clubhouse is spacious and well appointed, and they even have a grill, all of which is available for those who wish to go the self-catering route. That worked out great for us.

This is most definitely a family naturist destination, and we saw more young families here than we’ve seen at any other US naked place to date (perhaps ten or twelve kids over Labor Day weekend). Should you find yourself in the area, this is most definitely worth a spot on your social nudity bucket list.

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6 thoughts

  1. As members of Oaklake Trails we can say that it is a clothing optional resort. The only places that full nudity are required is in the pools and hot tub. This allows a comfort level for first time visitors, especially for women and families who may be unsure if social nudity is right for them. However we can say from experience that about 90 % of those in doubt by days end are inquiring about membership. It’s a fun and safe place for all. Plus more and new infrastructure is in the works for the benefit of all to enjoy nude recreation.

    1. Thanks for this! I’ll update my report and point to your comment! 😀 o😉Of places we’ve gone, we thought the percentage of naked people was higher than usual. We think that’s a good thing!!! ❣️

      1. Yes it is a good thing. A few more updates. The membership there has more than doubled starting last year after OLT re-opened from the Covid protocols and continues this year as well. The Memorial Day dance held Saturday night was the biggest ever with hardly any room to dance in the clubhouse which is quite large. This was in front of a live non nude band who plays there on a regular basis. This was followed up Sunday by nude karaoke at the pools with a huge group of talented naked singers belting out tunes. along with spirited nude volleyball games, a nude poker run and very competitive nude pickleball at the pickleball court.