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Long-time followers have undoubtedly heard the story of how my wife Charlotte first visited a nude beach as part of an assignment for a college class. That was before we met, and it took me a couple years to summon up the courage for me to give it a try, myself. But of course, once I did, I was hooked. And like most guys, I became something of a fanatic about the whole thing, evidenced by the fact that I’m sitting here, thirty-some years later, blogging from Florida where I’m tromping about, scoping out one naturist place after the next in an effort to experience them first-hand, if only to check another naked place off my bucket list.

If you click on the Google map above, it will take you to our live, interactive tabulation of all the naked places we’ve visited over the past few decades. (165 to date!) Some of them no longer exist, others we’ve visited once – and that was enough! And, of course, there are many we return to again and again as we’ve established our “naked branch offices” all over the globe. I’m very fortunate that my professional life, in non-pandemic times, requires international travel, which has made it possible to sleuth out naked places all over the world. I would have never imagined that possible when we were first married and struggling to put food on the table.

In the meantime, this blog is almost nine years old! (And it’s my third attempt at blogging. The previous two versions are long gone.) I began this particular effort to chronicle the year we lived in France back in 2013, hoping to keep a travelogue of sorts. Being the admittedly opinionated academic that I am, I found myself spewing out rants and raves as our travels unfolded, whether about the inconsistencies of naturist practices in a highly regarded naturist resort, or tangly musings about why people get naked in the first. And of course, the perennial question… Why are so many humans frightened or threatened by naked people?

Now, having amassed nearly 200 posts and pages over the past eight years, I have to admit that even I find it difficult to navigate my own website! Part of the challenge is that I’ve changed formats several times over the years, not realizing the unintended consequences of choosing a new theme for your blog when suddenly you find the entire organizational structure has completely destroyed any sense of chronology. My most recent reformatting was inspired by a friend who made it known that it was absolutely impossible to navigate my blog on a smart phone. Good point, which has since been fixed, but of course, that created a whole host of new organizational problems.

So, a few months ago, I started reorganizing the entire blog, acknowledging that “following a blog” is a transient endeavor. People drop in, read a few posts, click on a couple links, then maybe forget about you for a year or two. Then when you go back, and you can’t remember where to find that piece about German spas, pubic hair, or that trip report about Curaçao, you give up. (Don’t forget, by the way… Every page has a handy search bar.)

This is still a work in progress, but I think I finally have a plan going forward that will stand up to the test of time, while hopefully providing a valuable resource for those who want to learn more about social nudity, and where they might or might not feel comfortable giving that a try. With that, here’s a quick…


  • MEANDERING MONDAYS: While we like to boast that we’ve been naked on six continents, the pandemic pretty much put the kibosh on that, limiting our meandering to places we could reach in a car within the contiguous United States. The thing is, up until recently, we’ve never really had a standard format for our trip reviews. But we do now! 😀 Including an interactive map, a few standardized descriptors, our very subjective rating on a five point scale according to what we like about a particular naked place, and recommendations as to who would be most comfortable at that particular venue, linked to my admittedly snarky post called “What Kind of Nudist are YOU?” As I keep reiterating, we realize readers might not have the same priorities that we have, but if you can get a comparative sense of the place, at least you can make an informed decision. As the name suggests, I try to add a new post to this collection every Monday.
  • WANDERING WEDNESDAY: This is the international version of Meandering Monday, profiling a naked place outside of the US that we’ve actually visited. As I’ve been adding to those reports, I’ve tried to alternate between Europe – where there are so many naked places, and everyplace else in the world, including Asia, Australia, Africa, South American and the Caribbean. And you guessed it – I try to to add a new destination to that list every Wednesday.
  • A NEW, FUNCTIONAL MENU: How do you find these places? I finally have a functional drop down menu on our home page where new entries that are added each week will show up on the scaffolded menu. Of course, I’ve already written about loads of naked places over the years in a variety of different formats, but I don’t add them to the drop down menu until I’ve updated the report into the new standardized format. (I do, however, link to older reports in the newly formatted redux.) If you were to bookmark that page and check back each week or so, you will see those menus continue to grow. Fun!
  • TRAVEL ESSAYS: Much of my blog simply involves generalized observations from our naked travels all over the planet, but I’ve been trying to amass all those that are specifically about travel all in one place, again, updating them as I go. From here forward, I will also repost revisions of those I think have stood up to the test of time so they will broadcast to those who follow the blog.
  • THOUGHTS ABOUT SOCIAL NUDITY: Then there are essays that are about social nudity in general, but not necessarily pertaining to travel. I just launched this page today, so at this writing there’s nothing on it. But like the travel essays, I will begin updating those posts that still seem relevant, (I think I’m finally over the presidential election! Phew!) while adding new posts to the archives as we continue our naturist meanderings, even if those only exist in the catacombs of my mind.
  • A PLACE TO SAY HELLO: The best part of blogging is when someone takes time to leave a comment on a particular post, or clicks through to “Say Hello” and share a few thoughts. I’m especially appreciative when someone sends updated intel about a naked place they’ve visited recently. Again, even if they like a place we thought was “Meh!” that still adds a dynamic quality to the blog as a resource for future readers.
  • A PLACE TO MAKE A DONATION: I just added this recently, deciding I have no desire to go the Patreon route, nor do I wish to monetize our blogging, but at the same time, there are quite a few expenses associated with maintaining a blog, especially as you upgrade and add features, as we have been doing as of late. I’m most grateful to those who have made even a modest contributions, as that has truly kept the blog up and running through this rebuild. Please know that every little bit helps, and any donated funds go directly back to paying for software updates and blog hosting. This is an expensive hobby!

So there you have it! I hope this helps you find your way around our blog, if only to live vicariously through us as we continue our search for Naturist Nirvana.