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Valalta FKK Naturistnear Rovinj, Croatia

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Rating: 5 out of 5.

BEST FOR: Foodie-Wine Nudist, Yoga-Wellness Guru, Naked Sun-setter Folks, Family Naturists, Nude Volleyball League, Casual Skinny Dipper

We love to rave about family naturist resorts in France – for their excellent amenities, for the international flavor and mix of people who go there, and simply for the sense of normalcy. It’s like taking a family vacation to a national park in the United States, except you don’t have to wear clothes. Where else have we found this unique dynamic? CROATIA! And if you’re looking for a “Let’s keep everyone happy and entertained while on nakation in Croatia, then Valalta FKK Naturist is your clear #1 choice. It’s one of several large resorts on the Istrian peninsula, which is an easy day’s drive from Bavaria or Austria, which explains why Germany is literally a third language spoken throughout the resort, in addition to Croatian and English. The resort sprawls out along several kilometers of the Adriatic coast, with areas for camping, simple rooms for rent, and larger modular homes that are modern, air-conditioned, and very comfortable. There are several restaurants and bars on the premises, (though most require clothing for dinner,) and you can even hire a boat taxi across the Lim Fjord to Koversada, the other largest naturist resort in Croatia. We have visited several times over the past two decades and have been impressed that they have continued to update the facilities while offering naturist boat trips and other activities to keep you active and entertained. They even have their own brewery. Naked beer tasting! Who wouldn’t love that?

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE? Public transportation is a no go unless you have a high tolerance for long bus rides. But you can fly into Pula, or even take a ferry from Venice to Rovinj, and find your way to Valalta pretty easily from there. We usually drive down from Germany or Italy, as Croatia is typically a stop on a longer itinerary. It’s also worth checking out the ferry system that runs from Dubrovnik to Rijeka. A really fun way to discover Croatia, but that will still require renting a car once you get off the boat.

WHAT’S THE FAMILY VIBE? Fabulous! Especially mid-summer. They have a huge pool complex which is the center of activity during the day, and the water front has several small inlets and bays, at least one of which is essentially dedicated to families with small children, including a sandy beach and a shallow wading area. Family naturism in Croatia and France are unlike anything we’ve ever experienced in the United States, with many young families. There are usually a lot of teens around as well, but nudity is only required/enforced at the pool, so many choose to avoid that altogether. To be sure, American prudish values have not had a particularly positive impact on European naturism over the years. Still, until you’ve never experienced a large, family naturist center in Europe, you haven’t done naturism.

HOW ARE THE ACCOMMODATIONS? During our first stay at Valalta back in 2005 they had just begun updating the various apartment models, most of which dated back to the Yugoslavia heydays in the 1960s and 70s. Most units were looking weary and dated. Today, I think all of those have been remodeled, and loads of new units have been added with amenities like big-screen TVs and air-conditioning. Our most recent stay (2017) was in one of those new units, which also had a sheltered veranda on the back which was perfect for leisurely evening meals protected from the late day sun. There are also expansive areas for tent camping and caravans that stretch out along the waterfront. If you’re a walker/runner, you find it easy to develop a 5k+ circuit that also takes you up over the hill with stunning views of the Lim Fjord. Their website is thorough and well organized, which will help you find the accommodation you’re looking for at the right price point.

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ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? Next to La Jenny in the southwest of France, Valalta is our go-to naked place in Europe. In fact, given the Mediterranean climate, you’re much more assured to have consistently sunny days in the mid-80s, but not so hot that you can’t sleep in the evenings.

Another important distinction about European naturist travel, especially in these large naturist centers, is that the socialization factor is very different that the y’all come all-weekend party that you often find at American nudist places. Our experience is that people tend to keep to themselves, not just because of the language barrier, (Nearly everyone has some English!) but simply out of preference. If you become a repeat guest year after year, you will undoubtedly end up meeting people to hang out with, but it’s not like showing up at a Florida resort where you immediately get drafted onto the volleyball league. We’re good with that, but I suspect others might find it a bit off-putting.

And oh, our young friend Addie visited Valalta on her own a couple summers ago – as a single female – and had a great time there. She never felt the threatened or uncomfortable in any way, which was not the case at some of the other stops on her journey. I think that speaks volumes.

But I reiterate – Valalta definitely goes on our Top-Ten Naturist Destinations in the world! That’s yet another blog post currently in the making!

Two Decades of nakation at Valalta!

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