Glen Eden Sun Club, near Corona, California

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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We’ve visited Glen Eden Sun Club a couple times in the last year after hearing about the place for ages. Naturist friends from France once owned a trailer there, but gave it up when moving their naturist base-camp to Europe. I would definitely place Glen Eden on the more upscale end of American nudist parks. Given its proximity within the Los Angeles basin, there is essentially something for just about everyone: an active yoga group, a greenhouse gardening area, a racetrack for remote-control cars, and of course, an extensive pool complex with a brand new conversation pool that’s cooler than a hot tub, but warmer than the large pools for swimming. While the place is brimming with RVs, there are more permanent looking establishments as well, as many people have chosen to make this their permanent home. I can usually find a place when visiting a naked place to snap a few discreet photos for the blog, but given the size and density of the “neighborhood” surrounding the central pool complex, that simply wasn’t practical. To that end, it doesn’t feel much different than being in a typical subdivision in Southern California, except of course – clothing is optional. Of the places they’ve visited, the check-in procedure was more onerous than most, (especially with COVID safety measures in place,) and you will need to take the obligatory golf cart tour as part of your first visit. The counterpart of that is that you feel like they have a true hospitality team at the helm – a welcome relief amongst so many naked places that lack infrastructure.

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE? You can literally see the signs for Glen Eden from Interstate 15 as you’re traveling south from Corona toward San Diego, so I suspect if you were creative with public transportation and maybe an Uber, you could actually get there without a car. I’m always intrigued by naturist places that are nestled in amidst suburban towns where surrounding real estate must be at an absolute premium. You’re less than two miles from a large shopping center with a full-service grocery store and several eateries, and even close enough to commute to some of the local attractions like Disneyland and Universal Studios.

WHAT’S THE FAMILY VIBE? Both times I’ve been on the property there have been a few kids around. I believe there are a couple families that live on the grounds full-time, through most of the owners here are in the retirement “Sun-setter” crowd. I’ve heard the weekend parties can get pretty lively, but I didn’t notice any advertisements or event listings that would make me squeamish had I small children. Short answer: They may not have a lot of other kids to play with, but the family-friendly environment seems well established here.

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HOW ARE THE ACCOMMODATIONS? During one of our stays, we nearly rented one of the park models which I believe have been recently refurbished and look very comfortable in the online listings. I think there are several areas dedicated to tent campers when festival events are running, but it’s hard to believe they could get many more RVs on the grounds than already exist. Those seem to belong mostly to the long-timers. But overall, maintenance and upkeep of the grounds seems to be at a much higher standard than at most other US nudist parks we’ve visited. That was a breath of fresh air.

ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? This is probably one of the most well-run naturist establishments we’ve visited in the United States, though with that, I would also say it’s one of the most regulated. You have the sense that there are probably security cameras everywhere, and even though there’s a nature trail that scales the ridge behind the park, I don’t think there’s much of that where nudity is permitted. As compared to the other two operating nudist parks in Southern California, (SEE: Olive Dell and DeAnza Springs) this one seems to appeal to a more metropolitan crowd. My friend who’s a member there is encouraged to see the “yoga-gurus” taking an active role in diversifying the culture, but with that comes the occasional tussles that are inevitable in a place that’s trying to be all (naked) things to all (naked) people, particularly in the months leading up to a controversial election. All that said, this is certainly one of the nicest naked places we’ve visited to date, with high standards and, once again… something for just about everyone!

And oh, I almost forgot! Glen Eden is the home of the Western Nudist Research Library, which is also the home base of Evan Nix, a young film-maker working to document the history of nude recreation in America. I have yet to visit the collection, but Evan is rolling out a podcast based on much of the work he’s done there. You should check it out!

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