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This week: Sierra Natura Naturist Resort – near Valencia, Spain

Rating: 4 out of 5.

BEST FOR: Yoga-Wellness Guru, Family Naturist, Casual Skinny Dipper, Nude Volleyball League, Newbie Naturists

I remember first finding Sierra Natura Naturist Resort on their website, and thinking, “Wow! That’s like a real live Flintstones village, but naked!” It turns out that’s pretty much the case, with the unusual architecture especially in the main building and around the pool. It’s primarily a campground for tent cambers and small caravans (RVs), but I rented one of the modest apartments that was perfect for a short stay. But what did I really love about Sierra Natura? The trails, of course. They have several miles of well-marked trails on their property, though a local told me he only uses that as a departure point, continuing on into the hilly countryside, never bothering to get dressed. When I was there, the founders and owners were musing about retirement as the resort had been a dream project since first established decades ago. I hope that doesn’t happen any time soon as it’s one of the most unique and delightful naturist properties I’ve ever visited.

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE? I think the closest major airport would be Valencia, Spain, from which point you’d have to rent a car and drive toward the mountains. There’s amazing sight-seeing to be done in that part of the world, as the famous cities of Ronda and Granada are only a few hours to the south. And it’s only about an hour’s drive to the sea, where clothing-optional beaches are abundant. Officially naturism is legal on nearly any beach in Spain, though as you might expect, that’s more complicated on beaches near cities, especially when overrun by textile tourists. But in any event, you’ll need a car.

WHAT’S THE FAMILY VIBE? I visited in early June and things were pretty quiet, but this seems like a place that would attract a lot of young families at the height of summer. There’s even a dedicated wading pool for small children. Like France, naturism in Spain is mainly a family activity, so even if there aren’t a lot of young families present during your stay, the family-friendly environment is assured.

HOW ARE THE ACCOMMODATIONS? I didn’t think to look at the bigger units, as there are several scattered about the property, but you can find excellent photos on their website describing the amenities. My apartment was a bit worn, but equipped with a small fridge and a private bath. I also had the half-board option, which meant breakfast and dinner were included with my stay. Those are communal meals served in the main hall at one or two long tables. If, like me, you don’t have a command of the Spanish language, that might involve some creative grunts and gestures to get the paella passed in your direction. A bit awkward sometimes, but good stories for the bucket list. One of the owners, as well as her son who was working there in 2019.) speaks excellent English – with a host of other languages, I’d bet. I found them to be warm and helpful throughout the course of my stay.

ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? As I am always looking for great places with nude hiking, I was elated to find Sierra Natura, and wished I had a couple more days to do like my new friend, and head off into the surrounding hills. Should the borders open this summer, we hope to make it back at least for a day visit, if only to explore the trails alone.

They have an excellent website with details about pricing and booking. Be aware that many naturist camps in Europe book accommodations during high season in one-week blocks, from Saturday to Saturday. I couldn’t tell at a glance if that’s the policy here, but it would be worth inquiring before you get too far into planning your trip. Naked in a Flintstones village should most definitely be on your bucket list!

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