Coventry Club & Resort near Burlington, Vermont

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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After reading about it for years, we finally made it to Coventry Club and Resort at the height of last summer (2020). Just north of Burlington, Vermont, and about an hour from the Canadian Border the climate was perfect for a late July getaway. Of the dozens of American nudist parks we’ve visited, I would place this one near the top of the “eager to go back list,” though there are a few caveats with that. For starters, that far north, naked season can be limited to two or three months, and their indoor facilities are limited at best. (There’s a hot tub, but no pool.) The place originally opened in 1956 under Canadian management, but Bill and Susan, the current owners, took over in 1999, and pretty much run the entire operation themselves, all the way down to fixing the leaky toilet in our rental cabin. The star attraction for us was Long Pond, a beautiful, calm lake stretching the length of the campground and perfect for paddling around in our inflatable kayak. Despite viable sight lines with several neighboring vacation homes, nobody seems to balk at the nudity. Since many of the regulars are Canadians and the border was closed due to COVID, it was a pretty small crowd during out stay. Fine with us. Peace and tranquility doesn’t get much better than that in northern Vermont.

WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO GET THERE? This is most definitely a “drive your car or RV to” kind of place. Unlike many of the nudist parks in the Mid-Atlantic region, the RVs were not quite as flashy. In fact, most looked like they had been parked for a good while. We enjoyed the proximity to Lake Champlain which made for great day trips.  

WHAT’S THE FAMILY VIBE? We saw a couple small children while we there and the locals said there are several families that show up on the weekends. (We were there midweek.) That said, the playground equipment looked a little tired, and the general sense was most of the regulars are a bit older. With the lake access, hiking trails, and all the other stuff you do when you go camping, I think kids would have a good time there. Looking at the event schedule, we didn’t notice anything that would make us uncomfortable having our kids around.

HOW ARE THE ACCOMMODATIONS? Every cabin is different. Some look like park models, while others are original design cabins. Ours was pretty tired, but certainly spacious enough, with a deck on each side, including one overlooking the lake. If you’re thinking a spiffy, modern Tahoe condo, this is most certainly not that, but if you’re used to rustic camping cabins, you’ll feel right at home. Our cabin had a full bathroom, which I believe is the case with all rental units. And, of course, there are plenty of options for RV and tent camping as well. In that regard, Coventry feels much more like a textile campground as opposed to some nudist places where they simply crowd all the RVs into one crowded area.

ANYTHING ELSE WE SHOULD KNOW? Did I mention the hiking trails? They host a 5k every summer, which leads me to believe that our morning walk circuit must have been about five kilometers. (Three miles.) It’s a very scenic walk that circles the camp with a few zig-zags over the hills at one end of the lake. If you’re happy with peace and quiet and don’t mind the rustic campground atmosphere, you’re likely to really enjoy Coventry Club and Resort. We’re eager to return, just for the trails alone.

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