In case you missed it, EPISODE TWO is now live on YouTube…

“WHAT WILL NATURISM LOOK LIKE IN 2021 AND BEYOND?” Another chance to meet us… along with the other humans “behind the screens” at Naked Wanderings, Our Natural Blog, and Get Naked Australia, hosted by Scott Cline from the New Nudist Podcast.

On Friday, February 5th (4:30 pm ET) we all had a good chat with guest host, Scott Cline, in an effort to decide if we’re all nudists, naturists, or just people who like to be… SIMPLY NAKED! And we also talked about what we’ve learned during COVID-19 that will influence – good or bad – the future of naturism.

Scott’s a terrific host, and we’re sure you’ll find the banter to be entertaining and informative. Bummed out because you missed all the fun? Will here it is… CLICK THROUGH and enjoy!

3 thoughts

  1. Dear Mr. and Mrs. Carlsen ; It was really great morning, for me, to meet naturist friends in the world.How to manage nudist activity seems like common at some points, but tolerance from people in each location differ. Most naturists face to the common difficulties, but we really share our naturist mentality and attitude.

    I hope to see you again on the meeting. from Park