In case you missed it…

This was your chance to meet us… along with the other humans “behind the screens” at Naked Wanderings, Our Natural Blog, and Get Naked Australia!

We all came together on Friday, January 8th to introduce ourselves, and roll-out this brilliant initiative for NATURISTS OF THE WORLD TO UNITE!

In case you missed it, you can watch it on YouTube through the link below. We think the future of naturism lies in the potential of impassioned people (Like us!) pooling their energies and resources to get the word out about the virtues and realities of non-sexual social nudity. Don’t miss this epic event!


4 thoughts

  1. Dear Mr. Dan Carlson ; Hi, there. I missed my big chance for the web meeting. I hope to join next time meeting with some other people and you. I am planning my tour in Japan for naturist. It might be hard toprovide, but I will try to organize a nice tour.I will let you know when it is ready to operate. Please take care your health, and not get COVID-19. from Park

  2. I just watch the video. It was marked “age restricted.” There was nothing in the entire video that showed anything controlled. I just have to wonder is the very topic of nudism automatically considered unfit for general public consumption?

    1. Yep. We were SUPER careful not to do anything that would break policy, but just the topic makes it 18+. That’s OK… the 10-17 crowd is busy watching sex and violence on other YouTube channels!