Author’s Note: My next installment related to a previous post called “How Do I Get Naked in America?” Long-time readers know that my wife and I have developed quite an affinity for naturist travel to international destinations, with a particular fondness for those in France and Croatia. But in this most unusual summer of 2020, the immediate prospects for getting on an airplane to go anyplace are somewhere between dicey and impossible. And thus, the Meandering Naturist has adopted a new mission of becoming more familiar with naturist places within driving distance of the greater New York Metropolitan area. This post is another chapter in a quest that seeks to encourage family naturism here and abroad, based on the presumption that knowledge is power – and the more you know about where you’re going, the more likely you are to have an enjoyable experience once you get there.


First of all, I just gotta call it out…

I’m a university professor, here in June 2020 as hundreds of thousands are taking to the streets – especially in college towns – with cries for equality and social justice. It’s in that very moment that my wife and I decided to visit a naked place called White Tail Nudist Resort, situated in the rural farmland between Richmond and Virginia Beach. Having grown up on the West Coast, only to re-acclimate as young adults to the close-in complexities of the Northeast Corridor, my jaw still drops when passing a giant confederate flag waving above the lush greenery along I-95 just south of our nation’s capital. I’ve heard all the rhetoric and debate regarding freedom of speech, honoring history, and the land of the free… but still, I just don’t get it.

A brief walk in the woods

So, when my wife and I decided to visit a place called White Tail Nudist Resort in the heart of rural Virginia, it did give me pause, especially knowing that I would likely be taking to the blogosphere following our visit. To that end, I’m happy to report that while the demographics were still disproportionately leaning toward upper middle-class white folk of significant financial means, (at least one might assume such by most of the RVs on the property) we were delighted to see several people of color there, including one on staff. That’s a lot more than we can say for nearly any other naturist place we’ve been to in the America. There’s at least an entire blogpost to be written about the lack of diversity in naturism, but for the moment, I’m just going to say… hmmm!

The tent camping area

Unlike so many of the naked places scattered along the eastern seaboard with legacies that date back to the 30s, White Tail is a relatively new venue, established in 1984 by a single visionary owner who apparently decided a soybean farm would prove more useful as a venue for nude recreation. They have a beautiful recreation facility in the middle of the resort with two gorgeous pools – one outside, and another under an all-season glass dome. The day we were there, the pool was clearly the premier spot for socialization along with a pool-side snack bar that seemed to be doing a brisk business.

We had brought our own ice chest with lunch provisions and a small bottle of wine. (Note to self: Pack plastic wine glasses for future pool side ambiance.) From what I could tell, the restaurant is open all weekend, but it seems they must not have a liquor license as plenty of others had beer-packed coolers on hand. Live and let live seemed to be the prevailing policy on such matters.

All season water volleyball! (Photo attributions: White Tail Nudist Resort)

We did manage a walk around the property, which revealed several interesting finds that I’ll do my best to reveal without too much bias:

  • The original part of the park must have been a series of older single-wide mobile homes, many of which have been modified and magnificently adorned by their long-time owners. I’ve done a lot of things nude, but I’ve never mowed the grass on a tractor mower without clothes – though that seems to be a common occurrence here.
  • Beyond the original neighborhood lies a nature trail through the woods (perhaps 5-10 minutes of walking along the perimeter of the property), a tent-camping area equipped with picnic tables, an RV area where most of the residents looked like they were anchored for the long haul with some amazingly elaborate “rolling domiciles,” and finally, what must be the new part of town with an area of small portable homes that I think most people refer to as Casitas. Several properties are available to rent for those looking to stay the weekend or longer.
  • In an effort to simply report the facts, many of the long-term residents were advertising their enthusiasm for re-electing the current president, with nearly every homestead flying an American flag, while many proudly displayed POW-MIA flags as well. My oldest brother served in Vietnam, so I am particularly attuned to the fervor of veterans from that era. In fact, just given a sampling of conversations in and around the pool, it seems that many members of this community come from military backgrounds and careers. Seems like a good thing to know when you’re seeking out people with whom you’d like to get naked and drink beer. My other brother, who was born to talk military history would have thought he’d died and gone to heaven!
Nice hot tub! (Photo attributions: White Tail Nudist Resort)
  • My wife and I have yet to figure out the nuances of the golf-cart thing, and how it happens that golf-carts seem to be a regular staple of American nudist resorts, even if your RV or Casita is only a hundred feet from the recreation area. That is certainly not unique to White Tail, but given our recent visits to places like Solair in Connecticut, where the overall footprint is roughly three times the size on hilly terrain, I simply find it curious that so few nudists have an affinity for walking or riding a bicycle. That’s most definitely a difference compared to those places we’ve visited abroad where naked and exercise are marketed as something of a package deal.
  • And oh… while I suspect this is distinctly a Southern thing. I just can’t remember the last time I was repeatedly referred to as “sweetie” or “hon.” (I’m a middle-aged, average guy, just for the record.) I realize those are daily terms of endearment in this part of the country, but I also know that if I let similar vernacular patterns slip out of my mouth in my workplace or local place of leisure, I’d be called on the carpet, post haste. It’s amazing how radically the culture changes within just a few hours of one’s home in these not quite United States.
The pool and the “old side of town” (Photo attributions: White Tail Nudist Resort)

It seems I’ve read quite a lot over the years about activities for children and youth at White Tail. (Their website include photos of the AANR National Youth Camp.) They most certainly advertise themselves as a family naturist place, with some rather confusing, if not simply inconclusive, language about genital piercings in their rules and regulations. (For the record, most would feel very comfortable here with piercings and body ink – perhaps a bit of an outlier without!) And indeed, I don’t think we would have hesitated taking our kids to White Tail when they were young. That said, during our visit we only saw a couple kids who appeared to be there visiting their grandparents. I keep thinking we’re going to happen upon that American nudist place where all the naturist families come out of the woodwork the minute the weather gets warm. To date, in all of our travels to naturist places in the US, we’ve never encountered a naturist venue where there were more than ten or twelve children on the grounds during our entire stay. Alas… the search continues!

Wow! Naked Church! (Photo Attribution: White Tail Nudist Resort)

Would I go back to White Tail? Sure! Why not. Convivial folks, nice facilities and a welcoming staff with better than average amenities, especially compared to some of the older nudist venues.

Should they think about changing their name in this era when it seems like “white tail pride” is not really a thing? Probably, but I don’t think that’s likely to happen anytime soon. One of the things I love most about traveling is that you are not only afforded an opportunity to see the sights, but you also get a glimpse of the people and culture of the region as well. White Tail Nudist Resort quite literally seems like a comfort food kind of place, in every sense of the word, with a flavor that seems quite pronounced in comparison to the New England nudist places just a few hours to the north. Turns out that Connecticut and Rhode Island are quite a long way from Virginia and North Carolina – in more ways than one!

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  1. That sounds like an interesting place. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I think you did a very good job of staying neutral while giving demographic info sufficient for a person considering that place to make an informed decision. Confederate flags and ‘not getting it’…. Well, you’re not alone and I daresay there’re books on that very topic.

    I’m happy you and your wife were able to have a wonderful time. But if you plan to spend any time in the South I respectfully suggest you get VERY used to seeing confederate flags and hearing about why they are so wonderful.

    1. Hard to know the inflection of your voice by the nature of your comment, but yes, I’m sure there would be many who would be very willing to explain all that to me. I suppose that goes back to the header on this series of posts, advocating that knowledge is power, including how you choose your recreational opportunities. That said, I also am quite aware of my own proclivity towards intolerance… of intolerance.

      Having lived in a lot of places over the span of half a century, while making efforts to be well read in every way I know how, I find the times in which we live to be quite overwhelming.

      1. “I find the times in which we live to be quite overwhelming.” That’s an understatement . . . .

  2. I was trying to be neutral 🙂 I’ve 15 years to retirement yet I’ve already used up my lifetime allotment of patience for people whose worldview is riddled with factual inaccuracies. Perhaps it is a personal failing partly as a result of my upbringing but I simply can’t handle people with think Jesus was white and spoke English, that my gasoline-powered car will run on diesel if I really want it to, and that a virus requires acknowledgement of its existence in order to infect and kill a person. I’ve learned it’s best for all concerned if I avoid such situations. I’ve lived and worked in many different areas including the south. I’ve learned that data points tend to cluster; if A,B, & C are present, D & E are much more likely present than not, even if they’re not visible at the moment.

    Yes, the times we live in are quite overwhelming. I’ve noticed that increased self-care is needed to keep an even keel. As part of that my next move after finishing this missive will be to purchase a webcam so I can participate in a naturist happy hour or two.

    1. That all checks out!

      Funny thing about this blog… I really do try to call it like it is, even if what it is isn’t quite my thing. By calling it out, a reader may recognize that it’s exactly the thing they’re looking for. Don’t know if that dodges factual inaccuracy, but it’s genuine attempt, at least.

      Thanks for the dialogue. That’s the best we can hope for in promoting the self caring act of naturism!

  3. I wish I would have known you were going to white tail. It’s only about 30 minutes away from where I live and I go as much as I can with free time. I absolutely love that place and the people and staff there. But, I have only been to one nude resort where people were flat out rude to me, most of the resorts have extremely nice people and are welcoming of all.