I was in the car the other day with a naturist friend, Jennifer, debriefing about the whole naturist thing.

In fact, we were on the way to the airport as she had just spent a few days hanging out with us at La Jenny, (one of France’s premier naturist resorts) it seemed like a good time to grill her for a few moments about her proclivity for doffing her clothes whenever given half a chance to do so. She mused quite a lot about naked time as having become her “safe zone,” which is particularly notable in this case as up to a few years ago, the idea of getting naked with other humans in a non-sexual environment wasn’t even something that had crossed her mind! Now, I think she would go as far as to identify herself as a fervent naturist.

So, there’s no question that I’m the most fervent naturist in our immediate family, having spent years creating a naturist friendly environment behind our home with the strategic placement of hedges and other landscape features that protects our neighbors from unsolicited glimpses of sunbathing and naked wine-tasting on our back deck. My wife is a most willing co-conspirator when it comes to naked tubbing, and I think she would tell you that given the choice, she’d choose nakation over vacation if such can be accomplished without compromising the touristic elements of our travel itinerary. (One is hard pressed to find a naturist hotel or campground in Morocco, Turkey, or Singapore, the latter of which has such strict anti-nudity laws that you could get you arrested if spotted naked through the sheers of your hotel window!!) Of our three adult children, all are naturist friendly to varying extents, but I don’t think any of them would drive more than ten minutes out of the way to visit a naturist beach instead of the more convenient textile option next door. BUT I WOULD! And SO would Jen. 

I asked her in the car a few days ago, “Why do you think some humans are simply hard-wired as fervent naturists? Something in our DNA? Is it a philosophical disposition? A psychological crosswire that sets us apart from the rest of the human race who can’t bear that thought of going to bed with two layers of unnecessary clothing?”

She reflected for a bit, then alluded to a common friend we’ve discussed in the past who is big into Second Life, that cyber world where people live in an alternate reality that replicates all the elements of daily life, but interfaces through a computer generated world where your actual identity is completely detached from your day to day existence.

“Getting naked is sort of like that for me. A complete departure from my daily routine. Even the ability to get up in the morning and not worry about what I’m going to wear, how I’m going to accessorize, and just how I want the world to perceive me today is a real game changer.” Jennifer thought a bit more, “When I’m naked, I’m just me. Done.”

We mused a bit more on the topic about whether there’s a correlation between one’s penchant for nudity and the qualities of openness and vulnerability that same person exhibits in their everyday (clothed) lives. I am personally fond of that notion, but as I ran a quick inventory of people we’ve encountered at all the naturist places we’ve visited over the past thirty years, I had to challenge the premise on the grounds that I’ve met a lot of rude and jerky people who seemed neither open, nor genuine, let alone vulnerable – just naked.

“Yup,” I say, “I’d like to think that naturists simply see the world and interact differently with other humans, but in reality, well… I’m not sure that checks out. “

But back to the title of the blog post itself, I’ve never really fully figured out my own disposition that somehow results in a direct correlation to the stress levels of the day, and the subsequent desire to get naked at the end of that day. In that regard, I have to agree with Jen! Especially as I’ve developed an identity as a naturist blogger where I interact (mostly in cyber-space) with a whole community of humans that are neither involved or even interested in what I do for a living and whether or not I’m successful at it. And also like Jen, I find a distinct sense of relief in leaving my textile image at the door, and at least in my case, all the insecurities I have felt that day when my shirt doesn’t quite fit right, or the shoes didn’t coordinate with my pants. Strangely, despite age spots, weight gain, and a host of other typical hang-ups that most of us have about our own bodies, there’s something empowering about simply acknowledging, “This is the skin that I have, and I’m sticking with it. So there!”

When you stop to think about it, it’s a complicated phenomenon. We have friends that will get naked in the hot tub with us but would never consider a nakation. And others who seem intrigued by our naturist endeavors, but would never even consider going topless on a European beach, despite the fact that they may be more fit and “attractive,” – by 2019 cultural standards – than we are. For my wife, it’s really much more an issue of pragmatism. Naturist friends come over for dinner and it’s warm and not too buggy on the screened porch, so off come the clothes. But if she’s working around the house when a trip into the garage or onto the front porch might require a light cover-up, “Meh! It’s not worth the hassle. Better to just stay dressed.”

But I suspect that many of my readers are a lot like me… and like Jennifer. 

“Give me twenty-five minutes of time out of mainstream society, and I’m going to my safe place. Where I can leave my clothes, my identity, and at least someof my stress laying on the floor before I have to cover-up and face the harsh realities of the outside world again.”

We live in a world where appearance is a multi-million-dollar industry; in an age where a woman on the eastern Mediterranean could be arrested for exposing too much of her face. Yet at the same time, hundreds of naked Germans are frolicking in the altogether on a beach just a couple hundred miles across the sea. It makes you wonder how simple nudity became such a controversial subject, or even a subject at all?

And in the same breath, it makes me wonder why I’m so obsessed with the right and the desire to be naked, and even more so, why anyone else would care if I am.

But one thing I do know…. It’s a thing.

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  2. Great post, Dan; one that I think that many of us who think of ourselves as somehow “hard-wired” to be naked as much as possible – to the point of living naked 24/7, if we can – can resonate with. Sometimes I say it’s congenital; sometimes I wonder if it’s in my DNA. I think it’s much more than a way “to get my jollies” by getting out of my clothes and hanging out with other folk who like to get out of their clothes: I talk with more and more folk who seem sense that sense that they are “hard-wired” to be naked. It’s a conversation to have in this world that seems to be getting more and more polarized, globally, around issues of morality and decency: and I think it’s important work that you do to make it clear that there is nothing inherently immoral and indecent about living in a way for which many of understand ourselves, more and more, to be “hard-wired”. Thanks.

    1. Thanks for your kind words, Allen. It’s cathartic simply to write, and really affirming when you find out someone is actually resonating with your thoughts! Thanks for following!

  3. That’s something I also wonder about. Are we hard wired or is it a philosophical idea. Myself I think it’s both. ( hard wired) I hate wearing cloths because it’s uncomfortable. (Philosophically) I don’t like wearing clothes when not needed. I know what you mean when you say it’s a thing. When you have something you Realy , realy like you want to share it. I have a question I have been curious about for those of us that are nudist ,that you may be able to answer when you dream are you often nude in the dream and do you wonder why others are not?

    1. Huh! I dream a lot, but I’m never naked in my dreams. Which is probably good because they’re usually weird dreams involving my professional colleagues. lol

      1. Thank you for your answer I have been trying to compile answers by different people when I can to see if it’s a nudist thing, or not. Often in my dreams ( when I notice it ) I will be nude , at work ,shopping school, or at event and I am the only one nude even though it’s okay for everyone to be nude, and its baffling why no on is taking advantage of it. Weired is it it

  4. Some of earliest reliable memories as a child were wanting to be naked and usually frustrated by lack of opportunity and being fearful of retribution if I was caught.

    I’d say that most young children are clothing averse to some degree. For most that aversion is slight and goes away quickly for a learned nudity aversion and for a few it never dies. It could be DNA and/or a unique reaction to early childhood experiences.

  5. Yes, it certainly is a thing. One that’s been part of my life for over 40 years, and I’m now back at a stage where it’s a very important part. None of my friends have any doubt about the fact that I’m naked at every possible opportunity, though only a half-dozen share my passion for naturism. Thanks for an excellent article.

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