With our youngest graduating from high school, 2008 began a new era in our naturist meanderings, as the emphasis changed from family naturist destinations to, “Hey!? Are there other interesting places in the world where we can get naked?”

January of that year would bring our first visit to Hidden Beach Resort near Cancun, Mexico, noting that the opportunities for nude photography there were (and are) far and few between, and thus, the lack of photographic evidence here. We also made our annual trip to St. Maarten, which was beginning to feel a bit routine by then. But the big nakation of 2008 took us all the way to Crete where we found the naturist haven on the sea, Vritomartis. (Interesting timing as we will return to Vritomartis in a couple weeks, for the fourth time, I think! Most definitely on our top ten list.)

Greece is a funny place when it comes to naturism. Frowned on by some locals given the deeply religious nature of many who live there, but celebrated by others who even if they are not naturists themselves, appreciate this unique tourist niche, and the $$$ that follows. I think we’ve visited all the recognized naturist resorts in Greece since this first foray, but naked on the southern coast of Crete still gets our prize for most stunning nakations.

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  1. Hi, I always look forward to your reviews and as always loved the latest one, one question, where bouts in crete were you nacationing on, I thought there was only one or two small beaches in crete that were nudist tolerant, look forward to your reply and the next episode of your blog thanks.

    1. Hi Mick. I THINK Filaki Beach is the only “official” nudist beach on Crete, adjoining Vritomartis resort, though the far-end of Plakias Beach is still very much nude friendly, with a section of chairs and umbrella rentals that caters specifically to nudists. If you go to Cap’n Barefoot’s webpage, you can find several more places where “nude tolerated” is the rule.

      This time, we’ll spend several days on Gavdos which is known to be something of a hippie haven, which I’m told translates to, “Don’t like clothes; not gonna wear ’em.” We’ve only gone out on a day trip in the past, so we’ll see THIS time how that really stacks up.

      So you’re right. The nudist tolerated thing is tricky, but there are certainly more than two small beaches to be found, especially if you willing to walk and/or drive a bit. (And the organized naturist hike from Vritomartis is always great as well.)

      Hope that helps.