Hey! Wouldn’t it be fun to make our way from Cairns to Brisbane by Train? There must be a naturist place half way in between to break-up an otherwise 24 hour journey. Turns out there are a couple, but the one that caught our attention is called Seclude. Why, might you ask? Well… it’s secluded!


So secluded, in fact, that the options for getting there are actually quite limited, especially if you don’t have a car. Tony and Yvette set up this beautiful little Garden of Eden on nearly 200 acres nestled in the hills between Proserpine and Airlie Beach. So when I saw the train stopped in Proserpine, I thought, “Great. Get off the train. Rent a car. Drive 20 minutes, and drop our gear!”


Turns out there’s only one place to rent a car in Proserpine, and that’s at the airport. And essentially, only one time to rent a car at the airport – shortly after the arrival of the afternoon flights. Which coordinates with the train schedule (which doesn’t really run on schedule) not at all! So Tony kindly booked us a car to meet us at the train and drive us up the long dirt road to his idyllic little retreat.


Turns out Seclude has three self-contained (and stunningly gorgeous) little chalets, (not that little, actually!) and two distinct identities with corresponding websites; one that markets to naturists (which Tony and Yvette are deeply keen on), and the other marketed to people who simply want to get away from it all, but without exercising the option to get naked. The first unit booked sets the rules for the ensuing days. Never will you find naturist and textiles sharing the property at the same time.


Tony designed each of the three chalets; each ultra modern, beautifully designed, and with verandas overlooking the surrounding mangrove and rain forests. Air conditioned and equipped with an extensive movie selection through Apple TV, you could settle in for a month to enjoy the seclusion. What they do not have, however, is an over-abundance of WI-FI, as service comes through a satellite hook-up with a small monthly allotment and a narrow bandwidth. Despite my attempt to adhere to their urging to limit internet usage, I fear I may have left the legacy of burning up their monthly allocation. In any event, achieving full seclusion was not a challenge.


As it happened, we booked first for our time period, extending over the New Years Eve week-end, which meant I got to attend my very first Nude Years Eve party. With three couples staying at the resort, and our lovely hosts joining us poolside, only 75% of the crowd made it to the new year. I was there!– and I’m happy to report that it was quiet, but memorable!


Should you choose to visit, be sure to ask Tony and Yvette about the development of their bucolic little resort, which began with a shed and an outhouse that were both nearly consumed by unrelenting landslides during one of the rainiest winters on record. You would never know that today, which the charming chalets, carefully manicured lawns, and thoughtful layout of the entire grounds that allow each visitor the seclusion they are yearning for. In fact, Tony tells us that’s the biggest difference between their naturist and textile clientele. The naturists seek to socialize with one another. The textiles, once arrived, become all but invisible.


Fortunately for us, Yvette prepares food hampers and BBQ kits upon demand so one really never needs to leave the property to find food. The portions were generous and the ingredients were fresh and creative.I would have regretted missing a single meal there.


Would I go back? Absolutely – but maybe spend a week… with a car! Tony and Yvette are wonderful hosts, and deeply passionate about the naturist cause. I would hope that one day they might become a full time naturist establishment, as high quality clothing-optional establishments are hard to come by, in Australia, or anyplace else. Call them up, make the first booking, and drop your gear. You’ll be glad you did!


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  1. Hi Dan,
    I hope you are enjoying your trip down under!
    I have just discovered your blog, and well , its great, so much good info and great reviews, please keep it going…
    we have have had family hols at 2 of the French campsites you mentioned, la sabliere and Arna, both were very good, but we are planning a trip to CHM monta soon. (just north of your fav. la Jenny)

    anyway I was just wondering if you would be interested in my list of music festivals around the world, where you can be naked! yes we love music festivals and nudity, so why not combine them.
    infact you are not too far from one of our favourites! “Confest” its down south , just north of Melbourne. we were there a couple of years ago, and ended up working at this clothing optional festival, with 2000 other people. what a Wonderfull experience it was. http://www.dte.org.au
    https://confest.org.au next fest is on the 13th of April 2017. there are areas of the festival next to the river where the population is 90% naked, but the rest of the festival is 10% naked. so its a mix. a similar ratio to ” burning man” .
    please let e know if you need any further info. and happy travelling.
    reagards Duncan

    1. Hi Duncan. VERY INTERESTED!! Two of my new year’s resolutions are – naked more often, and more live music. So glad you’ve put this together. (Don’t know I have the constitution for Burning Man, but I suspect the others are a bit more mainstream.) Thanks for reading!

  2. We have been friends of Tony & Yvette. Great couple with a very nice retreat. Worth a visit and stay. Jan& Gary😊👍☀️

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