I’ve taken on the project of organizing my photo library – a huge undertaking in the digital age. In doing so, I thought it would be fun to chronicle our nakation adventures since we got serious about naturist travel back in the late 1990s.

This is the first installment, mainly digitized prints from our first outings to the southwest of France. Back in the day when you had to send your film off to a processor advertising in a naturist magazine so you wouldn’t raise the dander of a Walmart employee. Even though we became active naturists around 1989, we have very few photos from those early, early days.

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Naked Places in France

Naked Places elsewhere in Europe – Under Construction

Naked Places in North America

Naked Places in the Caribbean, Central, and South America – Under Construction

Naked Places in Asia, Africa, and Australia



12 thoughts

  1. You a word of thanks for the valuable insight and information you provide in your adventures. You have taken on a large but fulfilling project in organizing your digital nakation visits. While we have yet to visit the european locations, we have some experience in the States & Caribbean.
    We witness the same situation of naturism dying off as we age with fewer younger replacements. It is amazing how uptight many in the younger generations appear to be despite their belief of piercings and tattoos replacing naturism.

  2. What a wonderful and beautiful collection of vacations and time together exploring the world. Love it. Can’t wait to see the next edition.

  3. Thanks for your blog and continued dedication to spread naturist values and your adventures. As a young couple who enjoys naturism but living in a rather conservative country with few options to be freely naked (other than lifestyle resorts), your blog is a breath of inspiration to dream and plan vacations together where we can enjoy the joys of being nude.

    Always looking forward to new blog posts and your guides and reviews of places. It’s always a great pleasure to hear about new places in the midst of an apparent lack of options!