Post updated: March 2021 – Wow! This post if five years old already, but the concept holds true. Seeking out unique naturist destinations really pulls you off the tourist track into the “real world.”

I began my naturist blog just over three years, and 300,000 hits ago. (Now, 2.4 million hits!) You can find my original post here written as we were preparing for an epic naturist journey across Europe, where I also muse a bit about my philosophy of naturism.

Playa Sonrisa, Mexico

Life has been good to us. We both (my wife and I) have careers that alternate between periods of great intensity along with opportunities throughout the year to avail ourselves to world travel. Our children are grown and on their own (though they still join us now and again on our naturist adventures), and we are fortunate to conjure up enough cash for a plane ticket now and again to an exotic destination. As I write this, we are at a small naturist resort in northern Thailand that is a haven of peace and serenity – finally, a chance to catch up on my blog.

Colina do Sol, Brazil

What had not occurred to me when we first began seeking out naturist places – though it seems like a no-brainer when you stop to think about it – is that most naturist destinations are well hidden. (Especially those outside of Europe.) The extraordinary bi-product of that is the places you see and the people you meet. A week long stay at Playa Sonrisa near the Belize border of the Mexican Yucatan peninsula afforded us a day trip to Mayan ruins and a one-hour boat ride to the island village of San Pedro. Seeking out a naturist place in South Africa led us to a stay on a farm that has been in the family for several generations with a gregarious guy named Piet who took us on our own personal safari. And forging our way through the hills of southern Brazil led us to a village designed to be a naturist utopia nestled amidst giant iguanas and lush jungle foliage. Real places. Real people. Real stories. Places we would have never found had we not been looking for a warm, safe haven to escape the harsh winters of the Northeast. Not to mention oh so many fabulous places in Spain, France, Croatia, and Greece where one can exploit the most stunning of long naked summer days.

Harmony Nature Farm, South Africa

Blogging takes time. But I find a sense of rejuvenation in writing about our travels, hoping in the last place to accomplish two things: to provide real information about real naturist places and real naturist people in an effort to convey that naturism and the people who love it is not the stuff of sensationalist tabloid news; and secondly, to encourage those with an adventurous spirit to seek out and patronize naturist places so they will continue to thrive and multiply.

Praia do Pinho, Brazil

Thanks for reading my blog. In the coming months, I will be posting several new stories and reports about some of our sweetest finds in the naturist world. If you know of a place we should add to our list, leave a comment or send me an email. Life is too short to miss a good opportunity to get naked!



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  1. Great to know that you will be blogging more! Always looking for naturist destinations to enjoy with my girlfriend when on nakation 😉

    There is a small clothing-optional beach in the Pacific Mexican Coast called Zipolite, in the state of Oaxaca. The setting is beautiful and time seems to go by really slowly. Although most people on the beach are clothed, the west part of the beach generally attracts several people who are not ashamed to swim and sunbath naked (A very rare thing to see in Mexico). On the east part of the beach, hidden behind some rocks, you can find “La playa del amor” a small cove frequented by people who want to enjoy a clothes-free experience.

    There are some clothing-optional hotels and guesthouses in Zipolite. I would mainly recommend HEVEN, a beautiful setting, with a great owner and staff, the best view and completely clothing optional!

    All the best…

    1. Thanks for your thoughtful response, and for the tip about Zipolite. I’ll check it out.

      I have several posts in the pipeline, including the itinerary for our travels this summer that will take us to France, Mallorca, Corsica, Italy, and Greece – nakation all the way. Just been to busy to post!

      Thanks for following.

  2. Hi!

    I really have enjoyed reading your trip reports from the latest European odyssey! I was revisiting this article and noticed your first top pick for nakations is Playa Sonrisa, but I couldn’t find a trip report for it! We are thinking on going there in December, any tips or recommendations? Reading a full trip report with pictures a la Meandering Naturist style would be great!

    All the best!

    1. Ha ha… First time I’ve gotten “a request.” We’ve been to Playa Sonrisa twice. It’s pretty much our “go to” place in Mexico. A bit rustic, and VERY quiet, (and a long drive from the airport – but well worth the trouble). I’ll see if I can work out a trip report in the next week or two.

      1. Thanks Dan! More blogs like yours are needed, naturist travel doesn’t seem to be that well promoted and hearing first hand accounts from fellow nudie travelers goes a long way into getting more people interested and those of us who seldom have the opportunity… inspired!

  3. It’s known that naturists feel somehow connected to each other. I have the feeling that this is much stronger outside of Europe. In France and Germany you can still find the small family naturist camping where after one day you know everybody, but those seem to be disappearing. There’s still a big difference with textile campings, but I start noticing that we’re losing that need for connection.
    This is probably because in Western Europe naturism is not that frowned upon anymore.
    Outside of Europe this still seems to be the case.
    We once went to a naturist beach in Brazil and it took less than an hour before we were drinking beers with half of the people on the beach.

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