I have a lot of new readers since I first started my blog. I’m not typically into “reblogging,” and it seems particularly awkward to reblog myself, but I think a couple of these early posts will give a bit more insight to the nature of my blog for readers who have signed on more recently.

Thanks for reading.

The Meandering Naturist

So… your blog talks about Europe, the Caribbean, Africa… and even naturism in Asia?  What about getting naked in America?

Well, we’ve tried that.  With passion and diligence.

And in fact, sometimes we still practice naturism in America, be that at a nearby nudist club, Palm Springs, or if we’re feeling particularly adventurous, a nude beach in California or on the Jersey Shore.  In fact, my last major internet endeavor involved a web site dedicated to family naturism in America.  At the time, our children were typical adolescents; quite willing to participate in naturism when we went to Europe, but pretty much put off by the entire idea anywhere else in the New World.

All that said, I’ve come up with a fairly concise list of why it’s better (and easier) to get naked in Europe than on this continent – listed here in no particular order:

  • The Puritanical Legacy! …

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