Volume Two from the past ten years of our various naturist outings in France… where the days are long and the naked living is easy.

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  1. I hear that La Jenny requires visitors to put on clothes before they can reach the beach across a road (or was it Euronat?). How did you handle this?

    1. Ha ha… That’s a tricky one! Indeed, there is a bike path the runs for miles along the coast just behind the sand dunes of the beach, and in part, that is shared access with the path to the beach. Since it requires crossing public lands, it is “officially” required to cover up on that part of the journey to the beach. Some people are religious about doing so as not to endanger the naturist cause, while others just blow it off and walk or ride completely naked to the beach. Even those who are careful typically do little more than wrap a pareo around their midriff. Topless women abound. There have been rumors about the occasional gendarme showing up to issue a citation or a warning, but in all of our visits there, I’ve never heard of a first person account of that. For me, I carry along a pareo and if it seems I’m going to encounter a fully clothed young family, (or a gendarme) I cover up. But come to think of it, I’ve never had to do that. (I think it’s the same situation at the other Atlantic resorts, for all the same reasons, including Euronat.)