One-hundred Naked Places… Africa, Asia, & Australia

100 places to get naked before you die

PART TWO: Africa, Asia, and Australia

This is the second installment of my 100 Naked Places endeavor.  That said, I should confess that I decided to take on Africa, Asia, and Australia next simply because there really isn’t a great deal to say on the topic!  We have actually made the trek to two naturist venues in South Africa, and we have plans in the works for Thailand, Bali, and Australia as well, but the options on that side of the planet are decidedly limited, and in more cases than not, rustic at best.

Our decision to visit South Africa last winter (summer) was largely driven by the inspiration to visit a resort near Cape Town that is no longer in existence.  Ultimately, we would make alternate arrangements at a naturist B&B in Hout Bay (near Cape Town) and spend the majority of our journey in a unique, but charming “resort” north of Johannesburg called Harmony Nature Farm.  We have many stories to tell from that trip, some of which will eventually show up in this blog.chatu

Harmony 2

A guest feeds the zebras at Harmony Nature Farm

We did make a brief visit to Thailand this year, but failed to make it to the resorts in Chang Mai and the south as listed below, but those remain near the top of our TO DO list.  But the fact is, that despite the influx of European and American tourists, nudity is still very much taboo in Asia.  I doubt that we will see that change much in our lifetime, with the possible exception of Thailand where social and political traditions are very much in flux – for better or worse, it’s too soon to tell!

I threw Australia into the mix as this is most certainly on our list of places to see before we die, but compared to options available in the western hemisphere, there are few choices that don’t require a tent or a camper, even within the most populous region between Brisbane and Sydney.  We are not so keen on tent camping at this stage of our lives, nor are we likely to rent an RV and drive on the left side of the road, so that significantly narrowed the parameters in the composition of this particular list

Of course, the pity of it all (as is the case in South America) is that when it is cold and snowy in the US and Europe, it’s sunny and warm in most of these places.  So many reasons to take off your clothes, but an amazingly limited number of places to do so.

Here again, I had to rely heavily on internet sources for photos in this post as we have yet to visit these places outside of Africa, and even there, we found it difficult to be unobtrusive with a camera in hand.  And I have once again embedded my “rating guide,” in this case, mostly for places that have piqued our interest for future travel itineraries, reminding our readers that my notes (and ratings) are deliberately subjective as to what we find most enticing when it comes to choosing a naturist vacation destination.  Let us know if you know of a place we should add to our wish list!


= been there, and we’re dying to go back!

Illustration+of+the+sun+with+clouds= an interesting place, but not on our top shelf

Raincould= been there, bought the postcard, but it’s just not our thing!

= On our list to get there someday before we die

The list for Africa, Asia, and Australia… in alpha order


Bali au Naturel


Seems their marketing target is toward gay tourism, (not intrinsically a problem for us, except for the fact that we’re not gay) but all the reviews I have read report that the hosts are incredibly hospitable (to gay and straight guests alike) and the property is secluded and serene.  In a region with so many beautiful beaches, I find it amazing that this may be the only officially naturist venue in all of Bali.  Looks worth a visit to me!
Bali resort

Bali au naturel


BoBrene on Tambourine


Looks to be about two hours south of Brisbane and an easy drive to the Gold Coast, and the accommodations look lovely.   In contrast to the previous listing (above), the website graphics indicate they cater only to heterosexual couples.  That said, it looks like a great stopover between Brisbane and Sydney.

BoBrene Retreat, near the Australia Gold Coast


Harmony Nature Farm

near Rustenburg,South Africa

We stayed about ten days at Harmony Nature Farm; had a really wonderful time.  The place is a bit rustic, and if the social aspect of naturism is important to you, that seems to happen mainly on weekends.  It’s most definitely a family-run kind of place, and by the time we left, we felt like family. Truly, an adventure!
Africa 2

Harmony Nature Farm


Le Chateau Naturiste


Another stop – this time almost to Sydney – that looks like a lovely option for luxury naturism in Australia.  The website is particularly well laid out, which makes me want to move our Australia plans up the list a few notches.
Le Chateau

Le Chateau Naturiste, Australia


Lumra Resort

Southern Thailand

Seems I first found this place listed on the Thailand Naturists Association page, but if that was the case, it’s not there now.  The place is quite remote, but I have found some encouraging reviews in my web crawling.  We’ll see if they’re still in business by the time we make it back to Thailand.
Chaig Mai

Oriental Village near Chang Mai


Oriental Village

Chiang Mai, Thailand

We had actually made reservations here this past winter, but had to cancel when we cut our Thailand trip short.  They emphasize that they are clothing optional, and thus, it seems the majority of the guests may be naked – or not – depending on the week you are there.  But the Trip Advisor reports are excellent.  We’re eager to get back to Thailand and give it a try.

Sala Villas

Pattaya, Thailand

At this writing, this “luxury naturist resort” hasn’t opened yet, but the website seems to present a good plan for naked nirvana in Thailand.  We will be eager to see first hand reports as they open their doors to the world.  This is a big step for the naturist movement in Thailand.  I hope it takes!
Sala villa

Sala Villas – Opening soon in Pattaya, Thailand


Sandy Bay Nudist Beach

Cape Town, South Africa

I’m embarrassed to say we were staying just a short walk away from Sandy Bay during our stay in Hout Bay last December, but the weather was marginal, and by all reports, the atmosphere on this beach can be a bit dicey on just about any day there is not a major “organized naturist event” taking place.  So we skipped it.  Reportedly, it’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet.  Given the surroundings, that part is easy enough to believe.

Sun Kissed Villa

Hout Bay, South Africa

This is a small, two-room establishment operated by a couple that also provides local tours for textile tourists in the Hout Bay region.  We had a lovely stay there, and the property was well situated for exploring the village and enjoying the local restaurants.  It’s all a bit personal when you stay in a place this small, but our hosts were convivial and accommodating!

Sandy Bay


Naked Places in North America

Naked Places in France


24 thoughts on “One-hundred Naked Places… Africa, Asia, & Australia

  1. “Welcome to the First Naturist Resort in Phuket, Lemon Tree Resort Naiharn Beach Phuket where you can find the most beautiful sea sand and sun in Thailand. Lemon Tree Resort is an active member of Naturist Association of Thailand and resort plus member of Australian Naturist Federation. The resort is located in one of the most popular tourist areas of tranquil Nai Harn Beach in the South of Phuket Island. It is located just a few minutes’ drive from Rawai Beach, Naiharn Beach, an hour away from Phuket International Airport, yet in close proximity to shops, convenient store and shopping places and famous restaurant. The 7-11 convenient store and Family Mart is only 500 meter away from the resort. There are also pubs, bars and restaurants by walking distance less than 1 km. If you want cycling we also have free bicycle for you here. The most important is Nude Beach and Island is nearby and can be arranged by the resort. Welcome all naturists to visit us here in Phuket. Further information please visit”


  2. Hi Dan,

    Thanks for your excellent comments on “Bali au Naturel”. Unfortunately, we are indeed the ONLY truly nudist beach resort in South-East Asia. We are NOT clothing-optional, textile is NOT an option and nudity is mandatory.

    Although the owners and managers are gay and dedicated to pure nudism 24/7, 75% of the guests are straight and some bi-sexual. But sexuality is NOT an issue, nudity is what matters. We are however closely associated with Laki Uma Villa, which is exclusively a men-only nudist resort, which may give a perception that “Bali au Naturel” is also gay-only.

    Looking forward to meet you here.

    Naked regards


      • Hi Dan,

        we offer special rates for members of nudist websites that promote us. Hope to see you here. Indonesia is not high on the list of places where people go for nudism, but Bali au Naturel is a 15,000 sq mtr botanical garden right on the beach, with management staff (Indonesians) naked 24/7. All and everywhere is naked within the compound, including a naked waiter in the beach front restaurant. Hard to find anywhere else in the world

        Three nudist swimming pools, a jacuzzi, (nude) scuba diving lessons, nude massage and spa, two bars, pool table – take off your clothes when you arrive (receptionists are naked) and put them back on when you leave.

        Naked regards


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