Will write an extensive review soon, but Therme Erding is frequently our first stop when we go to Europe. A great way to get over jet lag!

3 thoughts

  1. I have to admit right off the top that my wife wouldn’t care for this place – too posh 🙂 The simpler, the better – Sauna, massage, water, wood, gardens without the VIP treatment – and of course being able to be au naturel.

    1. Well, I have to say, the video makes it look a bit more glamorous than it really is. Sure, you can book a spa treatment with rose pedals and champagne, but that comes with a hefty price-tag.

      But I gotta say, sitting at the swim-up bar with a WeissBier, when it’s snowing outside, is one of life’s great pleasures – simple or not! 🙂