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So I’m really pleased that our new naturist blog is getting a lot of hits, hoping that means this is creating some positive spin for holistic naturism, and maybe even giving people a few ideas about where to seek out great places to get naked!

Soaking in the warm waters of Harbin Hot Springs near Calistoga, California

We leave for our naked sojourn across Europe in about six weeks, so when that happens, I’ll have a lot to write about.  But we have been into naked travel for nearly 25 years now, beginning with our early explorative visits to Harbin Hot Springs and Bonny Doon in California, to more recent adventures to places like Club Orient in St. Martin, Therme Erding in Germany, Hidden Beach in Mexico, or Vritomartis Naturist Hotel in Greece.

Walking to the beach from Vritomartis Naturist Hotel on Crete

So I’ve decided that as I go about developing this blog, I will use today as a point of departure, documenting each new naturist exploration as it occurs, but fastidiously working my way backwards though many of our other naturist journeys, which will be particularly handy when the weather turns in the fall, and naked gives way to warm clothing.  (Time to head to Germany to visit the therme!)

The Geyser Sauna in Therme Erding near Munich

Just to make it all line up chronologically, I’ll pre-date postings from previous travel excursions back to the dates they actually took place, so my blog will start expanding on the backside.  We’ll see if I actually make it back to those first, timid visits to Harbin’s back in the early 90s.  May take me a whole year to get that far back!

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      1. We have been very fortunate that none of our family or friends have been affected directly by the storms. If ever in this part of the world you have to give us the opportunity to meet as we both share a love for this wonderful lifestyle. By the way love the pics too, very nice.

  1. Nat. Dan,
    We will definitely be following your travels with envy and note pad in hand. We hope you have a safe trip. We’re just glad we reconnected!


    1. Totally mutual on our end. So happy you’re enjoying the blog! Lots of stories to tell, and if you come to France next year, we’ll likely STILL be there! 🙂

  2. Indeed! I am fortunate to have a career that allows such an opportunity, if even only once in a lifetime! You can live it vicariously with us through the blog! 🙂