The famous scene in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure, with Pee Wee and Simone, sitting in the dinosaur, talk about Simone’s “big butt.”

There are multiple layers of irony in this scene, not the least of which is Pee Wee’s subsequent demise when he was convicted for a rather unseemly episode of indecent exposure.

But I have to agree with Pee Wee, “everybody’s got a big but…”  That thing they have yet to do that seems beyond the social norm, but leads to some level of fulfillment in the end.  (Could spin any number of naturist posts out of that one.)

And again, “everybody’s got a big butt…”  I’m struck by this fact every time I’m on a crowded staircase in a train station or airport, with somebody’s “big butt” right there in my face!  Indeed, that’s the thing that every human has!  What intrigues me is the rest of the anatomy, largely a matter of plumbing intended to prolong the inevitability of the human race.  Male and female genitalia, breasts, and pubic hair have transcended the Victorian age to provide a very clear definition of right and wrong; ethical or not; decent or indecent.  As one who studies Art and the human condition for a living, I am struck by how narrowly we define our ethical perspectives on the basis of the last one hundred years or so of ideology.  Three hundred years ago, before most of the population could actually read the Biblical account of Adam and Eve, was it a sin to expose one’s breasts?  Not sure how that worked in Western Europe at that time, with the influence of various aristocracies and such, but most “uncivilized regions of the planet” had seemingly little stigma about nakedness before we ‘brought them to their senses.’

But today, we have the internet, with breasts (and genitalia) abounding!  We are less religious, but I suspect, more conservative than any time in the history of man; at least about simply nudity in the midst of educated men. When did we decide that clothing was necessary for competing in the Olympics?  When did we decide that wrapping one’s self in nylon was the best way to experience the sea? When did we decide that a breast or a buttock was more attractive than an ankle, or an eyebrow, or an earlobe.  Biology?  Psychology?

What’s a naturist to do?  In the end, everyone’s got a big butt!

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  1. It often seems to me that people think however we do things now is how they’ve always been, or at least are the best way – since it’s “now” and modern. Certainly there are things that are better – we no longer endorse slavery or segregation. Yet there are other attitudes – such as nudity – that are quire repressive compared to the past. That past may be hundreds or thousands of years ago, or be from other places (Europe in the case of nudity). But we, as a society, seldom consider maybe they had something right and better than we have today.

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