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  1. The Prof and I will definitely use your travel blog, once again, to educate us on travel abroad. La Jenny is high up on our bucket list because of your many visits there and you sharing your experiences. Some of these places need to put you on their PR payroll! hahaha


  2. Very likely may have explained before: My mother read me the Dutch version of “Sans Famille” (“Nobody’s Boy”) by Hector Malot, from when I was (too) young and a number of times over, in the attic of the house where I slept, in Gouda. So when I ‘finally’ took the train from Paris down to Cap d’Agde, I was finally seeing the setting of the book, read to me so many years earlier. (Was only spoiled by a mentally handicapped passenger sitting behind me, constantly kicking my seat and therefore my back.) What an experience!!!


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