Though we both made our first forays into naturism back in the 1980s during college, we certainly didn’t have the wherewithal back then to indulge in ‘serious’ naturist travel endeavors.  Not until 1994 were we able to make our first visit to what is now the Desert Sun Resort in Palm Springs; then a few years later, our first trip to La Jenny in southwest France – a four day visit that would set the bar for all subsequent naturist adventures.

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100 days of naturist travel

This summer will mark our 10th or 11th visit to La Jenny as part of a 100 day journey that begins with a few nights at Heliotel on the famous Ile du Levant (off the Cote d’Azur), circles around to El Templo del Sol, a popular naturist resort near Barcelona, back around to the Cote d’Argent (near Bordeaux), then straight across France with stops at renowned naturist places like La Sabliere and Origan Village.  As the weather starts to turn in late August, we’ll set our compass to the south with a stop at Koversada in Croatia, a couple quasi-naturist visits to Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro, then embark upon a ferry back into Italy for our first visit to Pizzo Greco; what appears to be a stunningly gorgeous location, just a stone’s throw from Sicily.  Then it’s back on the ferry to call upon a couple of the Ionian islands in Greece for a few more naked days at the Panorama Naturist Hotel in Zakythos, and a few more at the Vassaliki Naturist Club on Kefalonia.  As we work our way back northward, we’ll hope the weather holds into October for a few more naked days at La Chiappa, a simple, but beautiful resort on the southeast shores of Corsica.

This is the trip I have been planning – in my mind – for years, and if one is lucky, only once in a lifetime does one find himself with the time and resource to make such a dream come true.  In more cases than not, we’ll be staying at places we have visited before, under the banner of “Hey, we know this is a great place for a ‘nakation!’  Why risk it?”  But there’s lots of exploring to be done along the way, and unlike many of our previous journeys, we have enough time to veer off the beaten path in hopes of discovering one more place to pause, commune with nature, and bask in the sun.

Once the last ferry drops us in Marseille, we’ll settle into our apartment in Provence, immersing ourselves in the study of the French language, cheese, and viticulture, while setting our sites on other nakation destinations even farther off the beaten path…   Africa, Thailand, and Mexico, just to name a few.

In the end, life is but a fleeting moment… let’s get naked!

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