[Originally posted on my Blogspot page on 16 December 2012]

We, my wife and I, have been naturists for a long time.  She discovered it first during college at a beach in Northern California, but it is I who diligently carries the torch of unrelenting naturist passion.  And so it has been for nearly about a quarter-century now, since we first visited a nude beach together.

This summer, we will set off on a naked odyssey of a grand design, beginning in a naturist resort south of Barcelona, an extended stay at a favorite naturist spot west of Bordeaux, then travelling circuitously through the south of France, across Italy, on down the rugged coast of Croatia, Montenegro, another bounce through southern Italy, and finally, on to Greece.  The main objectives of our journey will be the search for good food, fine wine, and daily communion with the sun – a feast for the senses, to be sure.

Aboard the Royal Clipper

I’m hoping this blog will be ‘informative’ to some, while perhaps even ‘inspirational’ to others who have wondered what it’s like to swim in the sea in the absence of clingy wet nylon, or walk for miles on a beach, completely embracing the sea-breeze.  I, for one, am addicted to those sensations, and have concluded that nobody does naked like Europeans do naked.  Add in cheese from the local market and a ten-euro bottle of wine, and you’re all set for an extraordinary naked picnic at the edge of the Adriatic!

In these pages, I will document some of our more memorable journeys of the past, muse over the plans for the journey in the making, and I suspect, wax philosophical about the virtues of nakedness in general – particularly for typical quasi-puritanical Americans; many of whom are all but obsessed with appearances, and all but overwhelmed with the inconsistencies of humanity and the impossible labyrinth of the norms of social acceptance in the 21st century.

Should be a good ride.