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Tahiti beach


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NAKED in the NETHERLANDS: Bussloo Spa near Amsterdam
18 February, 2020

Should Naturists Be More Assertive?
10 December, 2019

Welcome to my blog about naturist travel – a series of trip reports, links to naturist resources, and a few random opinion pieces that reflect my meandering musings on clothing-optional recreation.

This effort represents my third project on the web related to social nudity and naturist travel.  Admittedly, I’m quite diligent about keeping my naturist life and professional life on separate threads, in this age where nudity is often equivocated with socially deviant behavior in some professional circles.  My wife and I are pretty average, run-of-the-mill, (need I mention monogamous!), hard working professionals, but when we go on vacation, if given the choice, we’ll travel as lightly as possible. Simple as that!

I should mention we’ve been into naturism for about 30 years and raised our children with a comfort level for recreational nudity. (Two of the three are still very comfortable with social nudity in our presence – we think that’s a huge accomplishment!) But we found the key to making social nudity comfortable for them had much to do with international travel. Not only the distance from home, but the normalcy of it all places  like France and Croatia. People tell me that exists in the US, but I have yet to experience it in a meaningful way back home. (You can read the whole story about our naturist journey here.)

Originally, this particular project found its genesis with an extraordinary opportunity to live in Europe for a year.  This afforded us the luxury to embark on a naturist trek beginning in Spain, and ending up three months later in Greece.  As the project has matured, we have visited naturist places in South Africa, Asia, Honduras, Australia, and Brazil. Almost without fail, we find that our search for a great naturist place pulls us off the beaten-down tourist path, and deeper into the local culture where everything seems a bit more real.  Or dare I say, genuinely naked!

In the end, I’m hoping my blog might morph itself into a cyber-book or some such thing  (think: Kindle) carrying a title like No Clothes in My Duffel Bag: A Naturist Travelogue.  Or possibly a spin off a recent blog post, Naked with Goats in a Distant Land. Should it be a travel guide? A nude philosophy book? Does anyone really give a flip about what I think about naked humans?

In any event, maybe the book will happen one day, maybe it won’t, but in the meantime, I love reliving our naturist experiences through photography and wordplay.  Hoping it might inspire a few others to do the same!

[Updated: 17 August 2019]


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26 thoughts on “Musings about naturism, travel, and life.

    • Thanks aNaturist! Have been working on this itinerary for a LONG time. Very fortunate that we have the time and resource to make it happen. And I’ve always been enamored with travel writers like Bill Bryson and Paul Theroux, who capture the nuance of travel. Hopefully, I can recount our experiences in a way that will encourage others to be similarly adventurous.

      Life is short! Run NAKED!

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  1. Fred says:

    Dan – I enjoy your blog very much! I especially liked reading about the Ile du Levant. A visit to Heliopolis is a dream I have held since my teen years, when I first discovered a nudist magazine with a color pictorial of that unique island. I’m glad you tried to explain the rules (or lack of them) regarding when and where nudity is permitted. I would expect in such a resort that nudity would be at least acceptable everywhere, even if not the norm.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Scott says:

    Just found your blog and it is outstanding. I wish I could get my wife involved in nudism. She is fully supportive of me but it sure gets lonely without her! We have a perfect marriage and I would love to share this wonderful lifestyle with her. Best wishes and I’m following along!

    Liked by 3 people

    • Hi Marco, It was a Private house in the hills above Herceg Novi. We simply booked a home with a pool in a small neighborhood up a windy road. It was September, so neither of the neighbors on either side were there. May have been a no go in that case. Although, our Serbian neighbor who was charged with caring for the place stopped by to offer us figs, and seemed unfazed by our nudity. It was gorgeous!

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  3. What a great blog you have here. It is enlighten to find people like you committed to spread the word about naturism and it’s benefits. Keep up the good work!

    I hope you don’t mind me telling about mine and my wife’s latest endeavour in promoting naturist lifestyle. thought this could be something new you might be interested to write about:

    It’s an Airbnb inspired B&B booking site where naturist (or non naturists as well) can open their homes to naturist travellers. Meet new friends, have a chance to practice social nudism and earn some money while doing so. Isn’t this interesting enough to write about?

    Let us know your thoughts and keep on writing.

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  4. greenbare says:

    Replace your Facebook page (which prohibits nudity) with MeWe page where nudity is acceptable. Lets not promote FB or others who prohibit nudity and who block customers for posting photos of human beings.


  5. Dean Miller says:

    I enjoy reading Meandering Naturist articles in the Flipboard app on my iPad. However the paragraphs in grey type are hard to read on white pages. If paragraphs were in black type they would be much easier to read.

    For some reason, grey type on a white background has become a printing design trend on internet pages and printed paper the last several years. It makes things harder to read especially for older people and others who have less than perfect eyesight.

    Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hi Dean. Sorry to hear that. I’ll have to look into that, as I’m not always sure how thing appear on different devices. Do you know the trick to highlight the text, at which point it essentially inverts the print so it’s easier to read?
      Thank for following our blog.


  6. Robert Cooper says:

    I read with interest your article about children in naturism and, it reminded me of an article I had published in H&E magazine in 2010.
    I wrote it in answer to a gentleman’s letter entitled ‘Missing Generations’, and as it has a similar theme, I thought it might be of interest to you.
    Please feel free to contact me as it appears little has changed and, feel free to use my article if you wish, just ask.
    Regards, Robert Cooper.

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